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Addison Rae Took Ripped Jeans Fashion to Next Level On TikTok: Is The Outfit Weird?

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Addison Rae TikTok

Addison Rae is a known face in the glamour industry now. Addison Rae went from being a normal teenager who made TikTok to Kourtney Kardashian’s best friend. Though she has a lot of contacts in the fashion industry, her clothing style is no less than a disaster. 

About Addison Rae-

the American singer and dancer who is also an actress now is the third most followed celebrity on TikTok. Addison was born on 6 October 2000 in Louisiana. Not just her even her parents have a good presence on the social media platform- TikTok. Addison’s TikTok channel blew all of a sudden and she became a brand in a matter of few days. She signed deals with famous brands and also starter her makeup line, Item Beauty. She also released her Perfume a few days ago. With all this, she never forgets to post TikTok on her account.


Addison’s ripped jeans are the hype-

Addison recently posted a TikTok and people just cannot stop talking about the clothes she is wearing. She’s sporting a white crop top and dark blue denim. Seems pretty decent and basic right? But the denim is ripped and even though ripped pieces of denim are in trend, this one is a big fat NO!

Her dark blue denim seems to be missing the whole front part. It looks crazier than it sounds. Her whole crotch area was visible through the huge cut-out. People are calling it a major fashion disaster. They’re wondering what went on Addison’s mind that she decided to wear such an outfit. In TikTok, we can see her bright pink underwear and she doesn’t seem to care. Her clothing picks are something people always fail to understand.

One TikTok user said, “ there is literally no point in wearing jeans if it doesn’t cover you up”. Another one said, “ Yall know she posted it cuz she knew everyone was gonna ask about her pants”. People are claiming that she does this for staying in the news.

Addison Rae TikTok comment

Not her first fashion “holocaust” –

Addison is followed by millions of people. With many fans, she also has a huge number of haters. She has made some questionable clothing choices in the past too. This year’s Met Gala was one of them. She debuted the Met Gala wearing a corset red dress by which many celebrities have worn earlier. People criticized her saying that she took the opportunity for granted. She has also been criticized for the clothes she wore in several talk shows. She is seen wearing crop tops and baggy jeans which are the typical influencer clothing.


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