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Snapchat Reveals that the new crying filter is NOT inspired by Amber Heard

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Camera filters have been a well-known feature allowed to users by Snapchat. The social media site has introduced a new crying filter which is already trending on the platform. Netizens however believe that the filter is inspired by actress Amber Heard.

Regardless, the theories are much further from the truth.

Snapchat has launched a crying filter that depicts users having a teary moment. The social media users however have theorized that it was inspired by Amber Heard’s crying face while she took the stand last week. 

The regular users of the ghost app may already be familiar with the new filter. It is an augmented reality lens that changes your facial expression to make it look like you are crying. You can also use the filter to make it appear that your eyes are watering or your nose is running. You can even use the filter to break puddles of tears on your skin.


It did not take long for the filter to be a hit among adults and children alike. They are hooked to the crying filter and use it to create new viral videos.

Here is everything you need to know.

Snapchat’s latest crying filter is NOT inspired by Amber Heard

The new crying filter was an instant hit among the users. However, it started a slew of rumors on the internet. 

Users speculate that Snapchat was inspired by Amber Heard’s crying face to create the filter.

For the unversed, the actress is presently busy with her defamation trial against former husband Johnny Depp. Heard cried in the court during the presentation of her video evidence.

The rampant speculation is floating around the internet. However, a spokesperson for Snapchat came forward to reveal the truth.

TMZ reported that the crying lens was not inspired by the Aquaman star. Moreover, if you think logically the dates do not add up.


The trending lens was dropped on Snapchat on Friday but it has been in the works for the past 6 months. So the filter was already developed when Heard delivered her tearful testimony.

Furthermore, the spokesperson mentioned that the social media platform would never play coy with a Domestic Violence case.

The crying filter has already gained more than 1.3 billion impressions by users on Snapchat. It was also reported that the lens is a major hit in NFL circles. Many big stars are having fun faking tears for their fans and followers. 


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