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Where To Buy Riot Fest 2022 Tickets, Price, Dates, And Lineup

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Riot Fest 2022

(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)


For all those waiting for a new fest to enjoy this year, we have Riot Fest 2022 round the corner. Well, after the pandemic threat got over. This year has witnessed everyone enjoy lots of music festivals and their amazing lineup. Not to forget, Coachella this year was one of the best to enjoy till now. However, here we have the Riot Fest 2022 coming up soon. So, what can you expect from the fest this year?

Read ahead to know more about Riot Fest 2022 and its other details.

Release date of Riot Fest 2022 announced

Music festivals bring everyone to enjoy the most loved artists on stage live. While the pandemic halted the performances of those artists and bands for the past few years. We have this year with Riot Fest 2022. As we already have this fest with its dates announced.


The dates of the fest are for September. To be specific, the Riot Fest 2022 is beginning on the 16th of September and till the 18th of September. The venue of the fest however is going to be Douglass Park, Chicago. In fact, now we also have the lineup of the fest announced as well. So, check out who’s coming up this year.

Lineup of Riot Fest 2022 announced

As any fest becomes popular and enjoyable because of its lineup of it. We have the Riot Fest 2022 too announced with this lineup for this year. In fact, this year’s lineup is quite a in limelight on social media. As this year the fest is going to celebrate its 17th year. The fans of the fest would be excited to know the headliners.

The headliners are going to be My Chemical Romance, and The Original Misfits. Further, there would be Alkaline Trio, Placebo, YUNGBLUD, Jimmy Eat World, The Wonder Years, Descendants, and many more. Additionally, Yellowcard, Ice Cube, and Sunny Day Real Estate are arriving too for the Riot Fest 2022. Although, you can check the full lineup on the website of the fest.

Riot Fest 2022
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Tickets availability for Riot Fest 2022

With such an exciting lineup for the Riot Fest 2022. You can’t stop yourself from grabbing the pass for the fest as early as possible. In fact, the official website of the fest is already having the one-day, two-day or three-day pass for the event on sale.

As such you can check the prices and the categories of the tickets or pass them on the official website of Riot Fest 2022.


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