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Shawn Guetschow: Video Shows Kenosha cop kneels on 12-year-old girl’s neck after school fight – watch

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Shawn Guetschow

An off-duty police officer Shawn Guetschow caught the attention of all netizens when footage showed him kneeling on the neck of a 12 years old girl in a Kenosha-based school. The incident however happened at a school wherein the lunchroom, two students ended up fighting with one another. Meanwhile, the footage showing the cop has been going viral on the internet.

Read ahead to know more about Shawn Guetschow and the footage showing him going viral.

Who is Shawn Guetschow?

Shawn Guetschow is a Kenosha based officer who works even as a security officer at the school where the fight between the students took place. While nothing is much known about the officer, he recently came in limelight after his acts with the 12 years old girl.

His footage is swirling on the internet and is being condemned by the netizens. Meanwhile, the father of the 12 years old girl has already taken action against Shawn by now.

Shawn Guetschow kneeled on the 12 years old girl’s neck

It was reportedly in Kenosha, Lincoln Middle School that a fight broke out between two students in the lunchroom of the school. The incident is believed to have happened on March 4th. While the video can be seen with one staff and Shawn Guetschow trying to stop the fight between the students. It was the latter’s act that got recorded in the footage.

The off duty officer visibly kneeled down on the neck of the 12 years old girl for about one and a half minutes to put cuffs on her hands. He can be then seen in the footage holding her hands cuffed and making her walk out of the lunchroom. This footage has certainly been going viral on the internet and has got criticized a lot.


12 years old girl’s father’s reaction on the whole incident

The 12 years old girl’s father Jerrel Perez has put criminal charges on Shawn Guetschow for doing the neck restraining on his daughter. Meanwhile, the act happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and neck restraining is banned in Wisconsin.

Also, Jerrel Perez has said that his daughter has suffered injuries resulting in taking therapy and consulting the neurologist too. Though the investigation is still on, yet Kenosha police department has not stated that they have fired him from the post. Meanwhile, Shawn has already resigned from his post as a security officer at the school.


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