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Andrey Paliy: Top Russian naval chief reportedly killed in battle near Mariupol

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Andrey Paliy

Andrey Paliy, 51, a Black Sea fleet commander, was shot dead by Ukrainian forces. Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


Andrey Paliy was born in Kyiv, but once the Soviet Union fell apart, he allegedly vowed his loyalty to the Kremlin. According to recent Russian social media posts, a prominent Russian military officer was murdered on the frontlines. Andrey Paliy, 51, was shot and killed by Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol. He was born in Kyiv but had abandoned Ukraine. He is the first Russian navy commander and the sixth high-ranking military leader to perish since the conflict began.

The life of Andrey Paliy

Andrey Paliy was born in Kyiv, but once the Soviet Union fell apart, he allegedly vowed his loyalty to the Kremlin. Relocated to Russia and enlisted in the Russian navy. He might have had a role in Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014. He was the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s, Deputy Commander. Lieutenant-Commander Andrey Mordvichev, a Russian general, was recently slain in Ukraine. Prior to Paliy, he was the fifth senior Russian leader to be slain since the invasion began. Mordvichev was killed after Ukrainian forces destroyed a command post at an airport in Kherson, a port city in southern Ukraine.

Andrey Paliy
Andrey Paliy is the first Russian naval boss and sixth high-up military leader to die since the invasion of Ukraine.

Russia suffered its first major setback

Mordvichev’s death came just days after Maj Gen Oleg Mityaev, a commander of the 150th Motor Rifle Division who fought in Syria. Killed as Russian forces assaulted Mariupol. Three additional Russian generals, Maj. Gens. Vitaly Gerasimov, Andrei Kolesnikov, and Andrei Sukhovetsky were supposedly executed before Mityaev, according to Ukrainian officials and certain Russian media. When Ukrainian defence forces killed Russian Maj Gen Andrei Sukhovetsky in action, Russia suffered its first major setback. Sukhovetsky was slain “during a special operation in Ukraine,” according to the Kremlin-backed Pravda. Former CIA officer and station head Dan Hoffman stated of his death, “If it’s real, it’s enormous.”

Andrey Paliy
The 51-year-old reportedly died in fighting near MariupolCredit: East2West

Early morning missile attack

On February 25, 2022, people stare at the outside of a damaged residential block hit by an early morning missile attack in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin was frightened of losing the conflict after deploying lethal weapons and exploring nuclear alternatives. After an effort to encircle Kharkiv failed, Ukrainian soldiers used British anti-tank missiles to unleash a savage counter-attack against Russian armoured vehicles, stranding Russian troops. Russia has given Ukrainian soldiers till 5 a.m. Moscow time (02:00 GMT) on Monday, March 21 to surrender in Mariupol, Ukraine’s eastern port city. Kyiv, on the other hand, has rejected the demand. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Iryna Vereshchuk, stated early on March 21 that handing up Mariupol and laying down arms is not an option. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has also asked Israel for assistance in rebuffing Russia’s offensive.


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