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Zach Braff And Florence Pugh Age Difference and Relationship Explored

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Zach Braff and Florence Pugh

Zach Braff & Florence Pugh are dating and it was the director’s praises for his girlfriend that’s grabbing all the attention. From working together to being spotted together often, it has now become the talk of the town to know what’s blooming in between them. Here’s what we know all about Zach Braff & Florence Pugh.

Read ahead to know more about Zach Braff & Florence Pugh with their dating life.

Zach Braff & Florence Pugh’s love life

While both Zach & Pugh have kept their relationship under wraps. It’s reported that they might have started back in the year 2018. It probably begins after the 2019 film of Zach titled In The Times It Takes To Go There where Pugh was cast in the movie. Meanwhile, before that Zach was reportedly dating the model, Taylor Bagley.


However, both Bagley and Zach called off their relationship in 2014. Though after a few years later, it all began with Florence Pugh. Though they never admit that publicly. It certainly began from 2019 that the duo was often seen in pics with each other on social media. Yet the rumored couple has been criticized too for the age gap between them. Zach Braff is reportedly 46 years old whereas as Pugh is known to be 26 years old.

Zach Braff praised the acting skills of Florence Pugh

While both Zach Braff & Florence Pugh would be seen in their upcoming movie A Good Person, the director has praised Pugh of her acting skills for the movie. He recently spoke about Pugh and her acting in the upcoming movie. He shared that whatever Pugh does always comes out as incredible.

He went on to call her one of the best actresses working. He even shared that they are soon to begin the production of the movie too and yet hasn’t revealed anything about the arrival of the movie.


Braff & Pugh are soon to appear in the movie A Good Person

Though both Zach Braff & Florence Pugh have worked with each other before, their new project is A Good Person. Zach is not only directing the movie but also writing and producing it. Alongside that Pugh is in the cast of the movie.

With Pugh, we are expecting to see Morgan Freeman, Molly Shannon, Celeste O’Connor, Zoe Lister-Zones and Chinaza Uche as the lead cast. However, while production is to start soon, we might get the announcement on the release of the movie too.


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