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Sarah Silverman gives an unusual take on Donald Trump returning to Twitter

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Sarah Silverman

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Comedian Sarah Silverman offered quite a fascinating take on whether Donald Trump should be allowed back on Twitter. 

Her insight was everything to what George Washington and other founders might have predicted or not.

The comedian recently sat with The View in New York City. She attended the interview Wednesday morning and offered her insight on what she thinks of Elon Musk’s idea of bringing the former US president back onto the bird app. Regardless, she gave quite a nuanced answer.

Here is everything you need to know.

Sarah Silverman’s unique take over the rumors of Donald Trump returning to Twitter

Sarah Silverman revealed to The View that initially, she felt relieved that Donald Trump was booted from Twitter last year. 

She continued that later she started thinking about what free speech means philosophically. She stated that freedom of speech also implies tolerating abhorrent language that you don’t agree with.

Silverman added that thinking from that perspective Trump should be allowed back on the social media platform. However, upon further reflection, she believes that banning the 75-year-old politician from Twitter might be best in the long run. 


Trump was also banned from Twitter and multiple other online websites after supporters, being fired up by his tweets, attacked the US Capitol building on 6th January 2021. The election fraud attack was also alleged to be his tactic to stop Joe Biden to become the victor in the US presidential election.

Twitter’s new owner indicated that he would lift the Twitter ban on the politician after closing the mega $44-billion Twitter deal.

The whole point of Silverman’s argument comes down to what America’s founding fathers considered when they were composing the Constitution.

Silverman further pointed out the Second Amendment as an example. She said that the particular fundamental right an outdated rule which was drafted by the framers that did not think of AR-15 rifles.


Silverman continued that the same logic could be applied to social media sites. The Founding Fathers did not foresee either Twitter or the far-reaching effect it has on the masses.

The 51-year-old actress further used Nazi Germans to prove her point. However, she later flipped which might be due to Germans cracking down on social media sites. They might have realized the power of misinformation after taking lessons from the country’s history.


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