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Arielle Vandenberg Dressed as Construction Worker From Justin Bieber’s Music Video

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Arielle Vandenberg

On Halloween 2021, we saw our favorite celebs dressed up in a variety of costumes. From the 2020 music video for Holy, Arielle Vandenberg, on the other hand, took Justin Bieber off guard when she absolutely nailed his construction worker appearance.

Many celebrities have showed their reaction towards Justin Bieber ‘s video, which is quite hilarious. His funny reaction to the TV Halloween costume of host, Courtney Cox to Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Arielle Vandenberg’s Halloween Appearance

Justin’s reaction to Arielle Vandenberg costume has gone viral, which features him.

The Love Island star dresses up like Justin in his video for the song for Holy in the video. Which she published on her  authorized TikTok and Instagram accounts.

She walks into the room unaware of Justin’s presence and flips upon seeing him.


 Arielle enters the room completely oblivious of the presence of Justin and flips out when she sees him.

Arielle’s inventiveness and attempt to re-create the look of the singer, of whom she has long been a fan, has drawn a lot of attention to the video.

She was wearing a white T-shirt with brown jumper pants. Moreover, a helmet, which is yellow, and black shoes finished off her ensemble.

Justin Bieber Reacts To His Construction Worker Costume

While Arielle Vandenberg captioned the video as “I just pooped my pants”, Justin was as surprised as her to see her costume.

Justin Bieber says, “Wow! Is this supposed to be a joke?! Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to make fun of you?! That’s how it works?”

 Arielle Vandenberg

Everyone in the room bursts out laughing as Justin hugs Arielle.

On Instagram, the video has received over 200,000 likes, since the video has  been posted. Furthermore, on TikTok,  it has received more than 18 million views. Their fans and social media users have done a lot of comments so far.

Who Is Arielle Vandenberg?

She was born in 1986. She was born in LA country, California. Arielle is an American actress, furthermore, she is a television host and a model too. As a host,  she was featured of the American version of the show Love Island, which is a dating reality, in July 2019.

She has Also worked in other television famous shows such as, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, and Numbers.

On the other hand, she has worked in movies like Dog Days, Airplane Mode, The Ugly Truth, and Friends with benefits.

On TikTok, she is very famous, her username is @thearielle. Where she posts funny content.


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