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Rapper Russ Faces Home Invasion: Thieves Swipe Guns, Cars, and Valuables from Georgia Residence!

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Rapper Russ

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Russ’ Georgia home was burglarized, with thieves stealing firearms, vehicles, and valuables. The rapper reported the incident to the Roswell Police Department, providing video evidence of the break-in. Surveillance footage captured the criminals arriving at 10:15 p.m. and breaking in through the basement patio door. Stolen items included five weapons, two purses (worth $15,000 and $9,000), and his girlfriend’s 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG. Among the stolen firearms were a CZ Scorpion, two Glock 19s, and two Walther handguns. Russ, not present during the crime, cooperated with police remotely via FaceTime during the investigation.

According to authorities, the robbers were wearing gloves & jackets but were unable to be identified. Russ’ terrible burglary comes following he claimed Billboard & Luminate of tainting his latest album Santiago’s streams. “In the course of the weekend, Billboard & Luminate took away ANOTHER 4,000 of my REAL sales, giving them a total of 10,000 sales, all while allowing major labels to imitate their streams, sales, and merchandise bundles,” he wrote on X, which was formerly known as Twitter. Russ’ most recent album debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200, selling 42,000 album-equivalent units in its very first week.


Russ’ House Was Broken Into, And Many Guns As Well As A Car Were Stolen

Russ claims he was the victim of a home robbery in Georgia, telling officers that burglars stole five firearms, two luxury handbags, and his girlfriend’s Mercedes-Benz. According to the police report obtained by TMZ, the rapper called the Roswell Police Department shortly before 1 a.m. Friday and reported witnessing intruders on his home security video. The front door was open when cops arrived, and the building had plainly been plundered… though the purported burglars seemed to be already gone. Russ, absent during the incident, remotely guided authorities through his home via FaceTime. He reported the theft of five weapons, two purses, and his girlfriend’s 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG. The stolen firearms included two Glock 19s, a CZ Scorpion, and two Walther handguns, all of which were 9mm. Regarding the fancy bags, Russ claims burglars stole two Chanel purses, a pink one for $15k and a black one worth $9k.

According to police, an early analysis of surveillance footage indicates at least two individuals entering the residence through the basement patio entrance around 10:15 p.m. Thursday… before heading out the front door shortly after midnight carrying bags and suitcases. The individuals were decked out with gloves and jackets, according to police, but they were unable to figure out many distinguishing details about them, at least for the time being. Russ’ unfortunate burglary follows his accusation that Billboard and Luminate tainted Santiago’s streams. As Billboard and Luminate took another 4,000 sales from me over the weekend, making it a total of 10,000 sales they have stolen from me, major labels were allowed to fake streams and sales and do monopolistic merch bundles (only major labels can do merch bundles since the only approved vendors are major labels),” he wrote on X in August, formerly Twitter. It moved 42,000 album-equivalent units in the first week of its release, earning Russ a No. 12 debut on the Billboard 200. There is no truth to these numbers and charts. However, the impact is negligible. “Shoutout to the fans,” he continued.


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