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Watch: Addison Rae’s Epic Fan Moment Meeting Dua Lipa at Variety’s Power of Women Gala

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Addison Rae and Dua Lip



Addison Rae had a great time at Variety’s Power of Women Gala, where she had the opportunity to meet Dua Lipa. The video capturing their interaction has gone viral on social media, showcasing Rae’s excitement upon meeting Dua. It was undoubtedly a dream come true for Rae.

Read ahead to learn more about Addison Rae’s interaction with Dua Lipa at Variety’s Power of Women Gala, an event that left the former ecstatic.

Celebs attend Variety’s Power of Women Gala

Variety’s Power of Women Gala, held on November 16th, featured numerous celebrities, including Dua Lipa and TikTok sensation Addison Rae. The two were spotted interacting at the event.

Certainly, Rae’s success with her content has elevated her to celebrity status. It seems she was overjoyed to see Dua Lipa in person at Variety’s event this week. A video capturing Rae’s excitement upon seeing Dua has gone viral, and her body language speaks volumes.


Addison Rae jumps in joy after meeting Dua Lipa at Power of Women Gala event

Addison Rae, who usually enjoys meeting her fans, expressed overwhelming excitement upon seeing Dua Lipa at Variety’s Power of Women Gala event. A viral video on social media captures the moment when Rae jumps in joy upon seeing Dua Lipa at the event.

Despite not understanding their conversation, Rae expressed to Dua Lipa, “You’re so beautiful.” Notably, the two enjoyed a lovely time together at the event, with Dua and Rae wearing red and black outfits, respectively.

Fans’ reaction to Dua Lipa and Addison Rae’s meet

It wasn’t just Addison Rae who has been excited to catch up with Dua Lipa recently. But the duo’s fans too have been happy to see them together. As they have been sharing their excitement on the same over social media.


Fans have been happy that the two artists met each other and had a great time together. Though fans would have loved to see them work together professionally too. Currently, both of them are busy in their respective career. In fact, Rae’s Thanksgiving is already in US Theaters for all to watch.


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