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Will Youtube Remove Dislike Functionality to Reduce ‘Dislike Attacks’?

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In response to creative input, YouTube is now exploring the elimination of public dislike statistics. Users on social media, on the other hand, are saying, without evidence, that the internet giant is performing this test because the Biden administration requested it.

Here and here are two examples of postings that make this claim. “The Biden administration demanded that YouTube delete the public dislike count,” one post says.

In a modest experiment, YouTube announced in a tweet on March 30, 2021. That it is experimenting with new designs that do not disclose the number of dislikes on a video.

Why Did Youtube Remove The Video Dislike Count?

YouTube claims that the measure will safeguard its artists from abuse and lessen the possibility of ‘dislike attacks,’ in which a group of people purposefully increases the number of dislikes videos receive.


“We experimented with the dislike button earlier this year to explore whether adjustments could help better protect our creators from abuse, as well as avoid dislike attacks — when individuals aim to acquire more dislikes on a creator’s videos,” YouTube said.

Smaller authors and those who were just getting started on the site reported that they were unfairly targeted by “dislike assaults,” according to the corporation.

In The Youtube Studio, Creators Can Find Their Dislike Count

The dislike count will be hidden from public view, but the button will not be removed.

Users may still utilize the thumbs down button on videos to indicate their dissatisfaction with artists and modify their platform suggestions.

Creators will be able to track their dislikes, as well as other analytics data, in YouTube Studio if they like.

Twitter Reacts To Youtube’s Deletion Of The Dislike Count

Users flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure with YouTube’s decision to remove the dislike count for viewers.


One user wrote: “Oh… no…. now I know why youtube removed the dislike button, so we watch the video even if it’s the wrong guide so we’ll go through a lot of ads before we get the right video guide.”

While another said: “@youtube removed the dislike button? Damn these bitches must still be salty about the reception YouTube rewinds 2018 and 2019 got. Good job guys, you got rid of the best way to see if a video is sh*t or not. Keep up the unproductive work.”

Another tweeted: “YouTube planning to remove the dislike button is about one of the stupidest things I’ve seen today.”


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