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Number Of Penthouses Owned By Johnny Depp In The Los Angeles Building As Amber Heard’s Friends Live There For Free

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Amber Heard’s former friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington’s taped deposition against Johnny Depp. The jury was shown pre-recorded testimony from her ex-husband Josh Drew from 2019. Heard allegedly summoned Pennington and Drew on May 21, 2016, when police were called to Johnny Depp’s Eastern Columbia Building penthouse over possible domestic violence.

Both Pennington and Drew testified on Wednesday, May 18 about their memories of the incident, as well as other claimed rage fits by the 58-year-old actor at the time. Drew did add, though, that he never saw Depp physically abuse Heard.

Joshua Drew, Raquel Pennington’s ex-husband, also described his time living in Depp’s apartment (circa 2016).

What did Joshua Drew and Rocky Pennington, Amber Heard’s witnesses, have to say about Johnny Depp?

Drew noted Depp’s generosity to pals in his testimony. He went on to say that even when he offered to pay the actor’s rent, he refused. Pennington’s ex husband testified that Depp had raged at Heard in front of him but had never hit her.

Joshua Drew later reflected on the events of May 21, 2016. Drew said he first heard “a huge slam”. Subsequently discovered it was a wine bottle Depp reportedly flung at the former couple’s flat door. The former neighbour of Depp and Heard also said that the Pirates of the Caribbean star yelled a lot.


Drew said: “He came in, caught eyes with me right away and beelined for me screaming, cursing, and spitting in my face.”

Josh Drew also noticed Amber Heard’s other acquaintance Elizabeth Marz, who allegedly went upstairs to hide from Depp, according to his testimony. Drew, on the other hand, indicated that he did not feel threatened by Depp because his security personnel were present. Drew claims that Heard contacted him two months before his testimony after being out of touch for nearly two years.

Meanwhile, Drew’s ex-wife Raquel “Rocky” Pennington claims she got a text from Heard on the night of the alleged confrontation. Pennington also claimed to have placed herself between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the moment to protect her pal. She also testified that she saw Depp injure Heard’s face and that he allegedly smashed various belongings in his flat.

Johnny Depp owns a number of penthouses in the Los Angeles building

Almost all of Amber Heard’s witnesses admitted to living in Johnny Depp’s Eastern Columbia Building penthouses at some point throughout the trial. Whitney Henriquez, Heard’s sister, and pals Raquel Pennington, Josh Drew, and iO Tillett Wright are among the witnesses.


Johnny Depp has five multi-story penthouses at the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles, according to Architectural Digest. The actor is said to have purchased the first penthouse in 2002 and more lofts once the building was renovated in 2007.

Unfortunately, Johnny Depp listed all the penthouses in the market after Amber Heard filed for divorce and obtained a $7 million settlement. The penthouses are said to include a total of nine bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. According to real estate agent Kevin Dees of Partners Trust, who talked to the Wall Street Journal in 2016, these units are approximately 11,500 square feet.

Duplexes were among Depp’s million-dollar penthouses, one of which was advertised for $2.5 million in 2016. According to The New York Post, the actor sold all of his penthouses in 2017 for roughly $13 million. The 58-year-old Kentucky native reportedly spent $7.2 million for four of them at the time of acquisition.


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