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Billie Eilish Opens Up: Battling Depression, Sexuality, and the Absence of Singles in Rolling Stone Cover Story

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Billie Eilish

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In a candid interview with Rolling Stone, Billie Eilish bravely shares her ongoing battle with debilitating depression and opens up about her journey to overcome mental health challenges. Published on April 24, 2024, the cover story sheds light on the Grammy-winning artist’s internal struggles and her commitment to confronting her fears.

Billie Eilish reveals her deep-seated fear of the world and her constant struggle with anxiety and vulnerability. Despite her apprehensions, she acknowledges the importance of pushing herself beyond her comfort zone and embracing the challenges that come with being in the public eye. She bravely admits, “It’s just scary for somebody like me… being seen and being filmed and whatever.”

This isn’t the first time Billie Eilish has been candid about her mental health journey. In a previous interview with Rolling Stone in 2020, she discussed her experience with depression during her formative years, from ages 13 to 16. Reflecting on her constant battle with inner demons, Eilish acknowledges that despite experiencing moments of joy and laughter, she considers herself a “depressed person.”


One pivotal moment in Eilish’s life came when she won five Grammys at the age of 17. Despite this monumental achievement, she realized that she hadn’t truly experienced happiness in seven years. This revelation marked a turning point for her, prompting her to reassess her relationship with her mental health and prioritize her well-being.

Billie Eilish’s journey hasn’t been easy. She recalls isolating herself for years, avoiding public appearances and social interactions. However, she gradually began to challenge herself, taking small steps towards reintegration into society. From simple outings to the grocery store to attending parties and concerts with friends, Eilish bravely confronted her fears and reclaimed control over her life.

Her struggles with depression are multifaceted, influenced by various factors including toxic relationships, dance injuries, and body image issues. Eilish candidly admits to grappling with self-hatred and dissatisfaction with her body, confessing, “ I just hated my body. I would have done anything to be in a different one.”


Despite her ongoing battles, Eilish remains steadfast in her determination to overcome her demons. While she has been vocal about her struggles, she has no desire to become a spokesperson or advocate for mental health. Instead, she chooses to share her story authentically, offering hope and solidarity to others facing similar challenges.

As Billie Eilish continues to navigate her journey towards healing and self-acceptance, her openness and vulnerability serve as a beacon of strength for her fans around the world. Her willingness to confront her darkest moments with courage and resilience is a testament to her unwavering spirit and indomitable will to persevere.


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