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Jake Paul defends Elon Musk after “revolt” by Twitter employees in leaked videos

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Jake Paul defends Elon Musk

Elon Musk and his to-be finalized ownership of Twitter is grabbing a lot of attention as recently Jake Paul was seen defending the Tesla CEO over the leaked videos showing “revolt” by Twitter employees. Well, over the matter, the famous boxer Jake Paul has taken a stand for Elon Musk. But what did exactly Jake Paul say to defend Musk over the Twitter employees leaked videos of “revolt”?

Read ahead to know more about Jake Paul defending Elon Musk over the Twitter employees “revolt” leaked videos.

Elon Musk is in limelight over his Twitter ownership

Twitter and Elon Musk’s story this year was in the headlines everywhere. While there have been lots of feuds between the Twitter Board of Directors and Elon Musk lately. Things seemed to be sorted out when the reports about Musk taking over Twitter came out.

The Tesla CEO this year decided to finalize his Twitter deal for $44 billion to become the owner of it. However, he is officially still to become the owner of the same. In fact, due to the assessment of number of spam and fake accounts on Twitter the process of taking over Twitter was on hold.

Twitter employees leaked “revolt” video

Ever since the news of Elon Musk taking over Twitter came out. Netizens have been giving different reactions to the takeover. While many think that Musk would make good changes on Twitter. There are some who think the opposite. Well, a video to has been out showing “revolt” on Musk for taking on Twitter.

A video leaked by Project Veritas, shows an engineer at Twitter mentioning leftists on the site revolting against Elon Musk for taking over Twitter. Another video out shows a Twitter Client Partner making a joke about Musk over the Asperger’s syndrome. It seems with the videos that many people are not happy with Musk getting on board for Twitter.


Jake Paul defends Elon Musk over leaked “revolt” videos of Twitter employees

Jake Paul who happens to be a popular boxer recently on social media was supporting the Tesla CEO. In fact in his tweet over the leaked “revolt” videos by Twitter employees. Paul said that it is “insanity” to say such things about Musk.

Meanwhile, to show his support further for the Tesla man, he said by slamming Musk’s haters that the Tesla CEO is a real superman. However, till now Musk hasn’t made any reaction to a tweet of Jake Paul.


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