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Nicki Minaj’s ‘Puff Puff Pass’ Song Goes Viral on Tiktok

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Puff Puff Pass TikTok



Have you seen the viral TikTok song trending with Puff Puff Pass by Nicki Minaj? Well, if you haven’t seen it yet then you must as the song of Nicki Minaj is really going viral on the internet especially on TikTok these days. However, the song of Nicki Minaj isn’t something new rather it’s an old song of hers that has once again become trending on TikTok, and users are loving it.

The old song of Nicki Minaj has thus got new popularity once again with the current trend on TikTok.

Just keep reading ahead to know why the Puff Puff Pass song of Nicki Minaj became so viral and trending on TikTok.

@ayoforthesoul #puffpuffpass #nickiminaj #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – AnytawithaY

What’s the Puff Puff Pass song going viral on tiktok?

The Puff Puff Pass song of Nicki Minaj is actually a song of the back times that was a creation of Kanye West. It’s just a verse of the song New Body that was sung by Nicki Minaj singing Puff Puff Pass in it. The lines sung by Nicki Minaj are going viral on TikTok and users are making their own videos on the song.

@thatgayst0ner Couldn’t resist bc I love this song 😛 #puffpuffpass💨 #transformation #wlw #alttok #nickiminaj ♬ original sound – AnytawithaY

How is the Puff Puff Pass trending song video made?

Well, if you’ve seen the video then you must have seen that users do a transition video on the Puff Puff Pass song. The viral video on TikTok plays Minaj’s song in the video and as the line Puff Puff Pass ends, they show their transformed look in it. Users have all tried the viral trend in their own unique way. Some made a make-over transformed video while some tried with their friends or loved ones.

@timberjade puff puff pass @morganncarterr #fyp #nickiminaj #foryou ♬ original sound – AnytawithaY

Fan’s reaction on the viral Puff Puff Pass video

Fans of TikTok keeps waiting to try new trend every time. However, the transition video isn’t something new on TikTok. It has been tried before too. However, the songline Puff Puff Pass is new in the recent viral trending video.

Users are trying to give a new touch to the Puff Puff Pass song video every time and it looks like they are really enjoying it and passing on the trend to one another on TikTok. The trend is also trending on Twitter these days. Truly, TikTok has a vast ocean of trends to try for its users.

@dangerous_dany Puff puff pass, come smoke with me. Who did it better ? 🤎✨ #puffpuffpass💨 #puffpuffpasschallenege #nickiminaj #trendingsong #wantnosmoke #viralvideo #fypp #fypシ゚viral #tiktoktrends ♬ original sound – AnytawithaY
@lilystewartttt Puff puff pass #fyp #foryou #nickiminaj ♬ original sound – AnytawithaY

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