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Mr Beast Squid Game Video on Youtube: Check Out The Winner & Prize Money

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MrBeast Squid Game

Mr. Beast’s highly-expected Squid Game video has finally been released on YouTube. Let’s see who won the game and how much cash did they win?
Netflix’s Squid Game has become the platform’s most-streamed title. It has earned the service $891 million in impact value.

It was only a matter of time later the famous and favorite Youtuber and content creator Mr. Beast recreated the show. He remade the show with some more family-friendly alterations.
The youtube video premiered on November 24th, 2021 at 4 pm Eastern Time. The video has blasted the youtube community. But who was the winner of the game show?

Mr Beast’s Squid Game Video Has Gone Viral

The Squid Game video was the most highly anticipated video to release on Mr. Beast’s channel on Youtube.
There had been some leaks on social media beforehand of the video’s premiere. These included various screenshots and also a little footage of the tug-of-war game.
As of now, the video has 29 million views. It is also number one on the Trending page despite it being on youtube

for just 12 hours.

Which Player Won Mr Beast’s Squid Game Video?

The games played were the same as the games that were played in Squid Game, with a real setting of the show. After the hilarious and filled with curiosity Bridge game, only 5 players made it to the final round. The five players were: players 75, 79, 330, 368, 406, and 456.

Only the last game was changed as none of the finalists knew how to play the real suid game. The winner was decided by a game of the good-old-fashioned game of musical chairs.
The first player eliminated was player 75, followed by 406 and 456. Player 456 was eliminated because he sat down too early. Player 368 was then eliminated. Players 330 and 79 were left at last. The last round was a very tense round. Player 368 was eliminated, player 79 had won Mr. Beast’s Squid Game video!

How Much Cash Did Player 79 Win?

Player 79 won an enormous amount of $456,000. Each of the contestants of the game was worth $10,000 at the start of the game.
Obviously, Mr. Beast’s video of Squid Game was far less fatal than the real hit Korean drama. Mr. Beast also gave $10,000 to second-placed player 330.
Although many people have openly attacked even the concept of a Squid Game recreation, Mr. Beast’s video has gone viral in the whole world.

The recreation of the game is reported to have cost Mr. Beast and his team $3.5 million. The majority of the money was spent on building the set and overall production.
Applause to Mr. Beast for making his Squid Game tournament an annual competition on his YouTube channel and also player 79, who won the game.


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