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Why Kyte Baby Apologises? Who is McCall? | Kyte Baby TikTok Drama Explained

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Kyte Baby

The famous baby care brand apologizes over TikTok as one of the employees acted oppositely the values of the brand. The founder Ying Liu apologizes due to the employee’s TikTok post. The popular brand mentions in its bio about the baby care range of products they provide. Kyte Baby brand produces bamboo sleeping bags, baby nightwear, and sling carriers. The baby brand is best known for the softest bamboo sleepwear and layette that are skin sensitive and makes safe and stress-free sleep possible. Kyte Baby has Instagram followers of 555 thousand and TikTok followers of 46 thousand. The Brand has collaborated many times and featured in media companies such as Forbes, Today, and Poosh.

Why Kyte Baby Apologises?

On Wednesday, 24 November, Ying Liu, founder of Kyte Baby released an apology video on TikTok as the brand faces criticism. She apologized on behalf of the brand influencer and TikTok star McCall Deason. The founder stated that the Kyte Brand believes in diversity and equality and stands against racism. She added, that as a woman of color, she strongly believes in inclusivity. And she discovered that one of the employees did not reflect the values of the company. Then she apologized for the incident and to all who were hurt.


The brand shared a post on Instagram stating that the brand is sorry for the racist acts. In the caption, she informed that in the future they will pay more attention to the products used in partnership with anyone. She revealed the discontinuation of the services with the employee. Ying Liu also said that an incorrect-sized sleep bag was used and ensures that sleep safety is their utmost priority.


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Who is McCall Deason?

TikTok Star, McCall Deason, is an influencer who is known for her videos that record her everyday life along with her daughter Hazel. Her husband is Jermaine Hood and the couple have two daughters. The star has a 1.4 million following by fans on TikTok and 38.5 million likes. She joined TikTok last year in February and rapidly gained many likes and follows with her little daughter Hazel. The very first video of her on TikTok bagged over 14 million views. The second daughter’s name is Charlie and was born in August this year.


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Why Does Mccall Deason Apologise?

McCall has tweeted about racism that went viral and as a result, people criticized her. Later she accepts her mistake and apologizes on social media. She accepted that she was not a good mom and did not take good care of her child. And promises to take good care of the child and take good products only for the daughters. She got into trouble due to her weird and strange way of talking about her daughter’s eye color being brown. To hide the color she tried different filters and wanted to change the color due to her racist thought. So she faced wrath and criticism by people. After acknowledging this she apologized for her mistake and hurting the sentiment of people.


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