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Who Is Hellbound Star Kim Hyun Joo’s Boyfriend? Relationships Explored

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Kim-Hyun-Joo, 44-year-old, is a South Korean actress. Kim started her career as a music video model and acted for 22 years in many dramas and movies. Her famous appearances were in Television dramas starting from Glass slippers(2002) to Hellbound(2021). Hellbound is a Netflix drama thriller series by Yeon Sang-ho that aired on November 19, 2021. In this series, Kim played the role of an attorney Min Hye-jin, who raises her voice against religious extremists and stands up against them. Well, now fans want to know what’s going on in her personal life. Kim had a past with former partners but, who is her husband or boyfriend as of now?

Kim Hyun-Joo’s Past Relationship

Kim Hyun-Joo’s first debut was in a drama called Glass Slippers in 2009 that helped her to; receive love from the fans and gain popularity. During the show, there were dating rumors with her partner in the drama So Ji-sub. The two showed great chemistry on the show due, to which their dating rumors were all over. To this both, the artists say differently but, people believe that they were dating in 2002. They did not take it for a long run. According to the rumors still are close friends with each other.

kim hyun joo and So Ji-sub

Another dating rumor about Kim Hyun-Joo started was when she appeared in a drama in Partner in 2009. The actress met Lee Dong-Wook on the sets of the drama. The reason behind their dating rumor was the delay on the sets by both of them. The two used to reach late on the sets. There was also news about the two using their own car instead of companies car to reach sets made people suspect them.


One fine day, both the artist disappeared after finishing the filming of the drama suddenly. After coming across the rumor, both sides gave denial. They said it is true that we are close to each other but, they are not dating, a source said, on their behalf. Lee’s agency said; that the actor likes to hang out with his co-workers and go for meals and drinks in general. And there is nothing special for Kim Hyun-Joo.

kim hyun joo and Lee Dong-wook

Is Kim Hyun-Joo’s Dating or Married?

Many times people ask her when she will get married? To this, Kim Hyun-Joo replies that she feels marriage is taboo in her family. Additionally, she said, Sometimes she feels lonely and wishes she had, someone, in her life and next to her. But she also feels; that if it would have, been like that; she would feel congested in her life. The Hellbound actress also said about the ideal type she expects. She stated that my ideal type would be someone taller than 180cm. But on the contrary, she added that it does not matter now as she just wishes that she; had someone who sees her without greed. Who could be happy with the way she is right now.


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