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YouTuber Ethan Payne Updates Fans After ‘Life-Threatening’ Asthma Attack Lands Him in Hospital

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Ethan Payne

Image Via X@Behzinga


Ethan Payne, a British YouTuber, shares updates with fans after experiencing a severe asthma attack that led to hospitalization.

Popular British YouTuber Ethan Payne, known as Behzinga, recently alarmed his fans after being hospitalized due to a severe asthma attack described as “life-threatening.” The incident occurred on Monday, April 22, leaving Payne shaken up but now on the road to recovery.

Taking to his Instagram stories and X on Wednesday, April 24, Ethan Payne shared the details of his health scare, emphasizing the seriousness of his asthma condition that he had not fully realized before. He expressed gratitude to the hospital staff for their assistance, explaining that he was admitted and transferred to different units for treatment, including the resuscitation unit and the respiratory ward.

Providing updates on his condition, Ethan Payne revealed that he has been placed on a new asthma management plan and expressed hope for a swift recovery to make a “super comeback soon.” He accompanied his message with a series of selfies taken during various stages of his treatment, showing himself wearing an oxygen mask and hospital gown.


In one photo, labeled as Phase One, Payne mentioned that he “nearly died,” while in another labeled as Phase Two, he expressed thoughts that it could be “the end” for him. However, he has since progressed to Phase Five of his treatment, feeling “more positive and thankfully alive.”

Currently, Ethan Payne is recuperating in a hospital five hours away from his home, expressing concern for his fiancée Faith, their daughter Olive, and everyone involved. The YouTuber has been candid about his struggles with asthma in the past, recounting a previous attack during one of KSI’s boxing matches where he felt intense chest pressure and difficulty breathing.

Following the news of his hospitalization, Payne has received an outpouring of support from fellow creators and fans. UK YouTuber Joe Weller, American vlogger Mike Majlak, and Syndicate are among those who have offered their well-wishes for Payne’s speedy recovery.


As Ethan Payne continues his recovery journey, fans are hopeful for his swift return and are sending him messages of encouragement and support during this challenging time.


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