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Lindsey Buckingham and Kristen Messner are getting divorced

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Lindsey Buckingham

Hoping for a long-lasting relationship, Lindsey Buckingham wanted to live the rest of his life with Kristen Messner by his side. But sadly, they soon realized the two have very different interests and only have one thing in common; their love for music. Therefore, Rocker Lindsey Buckingham’s wife has filed for divorce from the former Fleetwood Mac star.

The couple – who share three children, daughters Leona, 21, and Stella, 17, and son Will, 22 – first met after Kristen photographed Lee for the cover of one of his solo records in the late-90s. The reason for the divorce is still not known by the people and everyone is claiming something and making different stories regarding the couple. 


“When two people are together and things aren’t working out, it’s not really easy to explain what part of the relationship has to change. Often, it doesn’t work out because there are little things that add up over time and then the people involved realize they don’t have much in common anymore. I think this is a very honest way to describe those relationships, it can be sad but inspiring at the same time.” He said. 

Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey Buckingham and Kristen Messner

The secret to Lindsey’s success lies not in how many girls he has dated, it is how he has kept his marriage to such a desirable woman. The couple has now officially decided to live their life separately. “I saw a lot of people who seemed to think everything was about them. They expected that they were the center of the universe and everyone should revolve around them. This way of thinking made it impossible to have healthy relationships with family or friends.” 


“When we started dating it felt like no one else was going to be good enough. He was my guy! Now years later …we have decided to part our ways” She said.

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