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India Walton; the first woman to serve as mayor of Buffalo, New York

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India Walton

India Walton is poised to become the first female and first socialist to lead New York’s second-largest city after beating four-term incumbent Byron Brown in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. A nurse and community organizer who directs a Buffalo land trust, she was elected mayor by a comfortable margin. This victory for her will surely leave a mark on other women who consider them as less powerful than men.

Before this, Republicans didn’t have any option who could be the desired candidate for them. However, the primary victory made Walton the clear winner of the mayoral elections. After she gets appointed, Buffalo

will become the most prominent American City, which will have a socialist Mayor. The last time Milwaukee had a socialist Mayor was in the 1960s.

India Walton

The results prove that the citizens of Buffalo have voted to elect a council whose primary focus is to bring families together. Voters have noticed the rusting bridges and dilapidated parks in their city and are ready for change. Councilmember Walton has made it her mission to clean up Buffalo and make it a better place to live.

There were no fancy ad campaigns and media exposure in Walton’s campaign, no multimillion-dollar government backing or wealthy backers. And yet, he won by a landslide—in a system designed for businesses to succeed.

India Walton said. “We are here, we are not going away, and we will not be silenced.” * “We know what democracy looks like. And if you don’t, we’re coming to show you every day.”

Her victory speech was followed by the chants of her supporters “Madam Mayor. Madam Mayor.” They are ecstatic about her successful campaign and have a woman mayor for once, and they know Ms. Walton will do a great job.

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