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Who is Brett? Details of Madison LeCroy’s 3.5 Carat Engagement Ring

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Madison engagement ring

Madison LeCroy, star of Southern Charm, recently announced her engagement to Brett, whom she knows him for six months.

On Amazon Live, she revealed the news, the proposal includes her 8-year-old son Hudson.  

On Instagram, Madison posted a picture that was black and white, and the caption was “When you know, you know.”

She is wearing a big diamond ring which is her engagement ring, it is a very beautiful ring.

In case, if you could see her on Amazon Live, the details are all here.

Madison LeCroy and Brett

Details: Madison Lecroy’s Ring

 Us Weekly got the information from Madison herself about her engagement ring, which is a “round, brilliant-cut diamond set on a two-tone 18K and platinum setting with a handmade mounting.”

Nicole Rose Jewelry designed the ring with a 3.5-carat diamond, the base of the jewelry is in New York.

Nicole gave more inform ation about the ring and congratulated them on their engagement. Said:


“Congrats to @madison.lecroy and Brett for their engagement! Madison has a beautiful #nicolerosejewelry round brilliant cut diamond set in a two-tone solitaire setting.”

She posted the photo of the ring, showed the beauty of the ring and how lavish it is. She shares multi photos so that we can check out the ring closely.

Cost Of The Ring?

Madison didn’t share the price of the ring so far, but we can guess a ring that is a 3.5-carat diamond must be expensive. The ring cost estimate is between $20,000 to $30,000.

Moreover, her ring contains a two-tone 18K platinum and as well a gold band, which has increased the price of the ring.

Madison LeCroy ring price

About Madison’s Proposal

The proposal of Madison includes her 8-year-old son Hudson.

On Kiawah Island, Brett took out Madison and Hudson for dinner because of Hudson’s request, South California in a limousine.

Whilst at dinner, Madison knew something was going on, and she said on Amazon Live: “I’m like, alright, this is weird. My son’s dressed up, but my son, like, won’t look at me in the face.”

“He proposed to me in the living room, and my son’s behind him, just clapping. I completely, like, blacked out at the point of whatever he was saying. I had no idea. … It was perfect,” she shared it with Us Weekly.

Who is Madison LeCroy?

Madison LeCroy is a well-known reality TV personality. She was a cast member of the Southern Charm Bravo network. In 2019, when she was spotted with Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy made headlines. Austen Kroll is a well-known television celebrity who appeared on the reality show “Southern Charm” the same year Madison Lecroy did. Austen Kroll, who is a 34-year-old, reality television star and craft beer expert. In the sixth season of the Southern Charm television show. Austin Kroll talked about his girlfriend openly. Over the years, Austen Kroll had dated a number of women. Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll have been seen on multiple occasions boarding a flight around each other, verifying their relation.


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