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Justin Sylvester pushed away Jenna Bush Hager during Today’s show

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Justin Sylvester

Justin Sylvester tried to push away Jenna Bush Hager after she appeared to get a little too close for comfort.

Here is everything you need to know.

Jenna Bush Hager was pushed away twice by Justin Sylvester 

Justin Sylvester appeared as a guest alongside Andy Baraghani on Today’s show for a cooking segment. It was hosted by Jenna Bush Hager and premiered on Wednesday.

When the Daily Pop star was receiving instructions on how to cook the roast chicken, Bush Hager put an arm around his shoulders and leaned in to watch the preparations.

Sylvester on the other hand lightly pushed the 40-year-old host by using his one arm.

Furthermore, the Beverly Hills Nannies alum had to once again shove her away when she tried to step close to him.

Users react to Jenna Bush Hager’s behavior

Following the episode, many NBC viewers took to social media to slam Jenna Bush Hager’s behavior.

Author Adrienne Lawrence’s tweet read, ‘This is not okay. She blatantly ignored his ‘no,’ violating his personal space and repeatedly touching him. Jenna Bush needs a suspension, at minimum.’

One user on the other hand wrote, ‘He literally defined his personal space and she forced herself into it.’

Another user said, ‘He was clearly uncomfortable and kept trying to push her off politely.’

Justin Sylvester

While someone else mentioned, ‘He’s clearly uncomfortable. Like why does she keep touching him and getting in his space?!’

Meanwhile, a user added that Bush Hager’s actions were ‘not cool at all.’

Regardless many users came to Bush Hager’s defense claiming that she and Justin Sylvester appeared to be joking around each other during the segment.

A fan noted, ‘This was all in good fun for the camera, everyone calms down.’

Justin Sylvester responds to the awkward interaction

Justin Sylvester used Instagram to set the records straight regarding the viral moment on 12th August.


He cleared the air by stating, ‘People thought that she was invading my space, and that’s not actually the truth.’

The 35-year-old actor added that Jenna Bush Hager is, ‘one of the nicest, most welcoming people that I’ve ever met.’

He also revealed that they both were flirting. While Sylvester was flirting with the chef, he pushed away the daughter of former president George W. Bush since he was trying to secure a ‘one-on-one moment with the chef.’

Sylvester also mentioned that he disliked that the users are taking the moment ‘out of context.’


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