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Julianne Nicholson’ Boyfriend, Personal Life, and Dating History

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Julianne Nicholson

Julianne Nicholson is an American actress. She plays roles in different movies like August and different series like Law and Order. Law and Order are one of the famous series among the audiences. Not only the series, but its different characters also connect the audiences. Fans are always willing to know about the love life partners of characters in both real and reel life. Julianne is one such name. Let’s find about her relationships more.

Julianne Nicholson Boyfriend-

Julianne born in 1977 started her career very early in life. She first focuses on modeling in New York and Paris and then further she pursue Acting. Her debut movie was “Curtain Call“. She is a successful woman in her career. But despite the date, just like other actors, her fans are much interested in her personal life also. One of the most interesting questions related to her is about her boyfriend. 


Julianne Nicholson is dating Jonathan Cake in the current year. The couple is together for the past 16 years which is amazing. They both met each other in 2004 in Italy. They met each other during the shooting of ‘Pilot’. This movie never got released. Then both again met each other on sets of ‘ Marriage’. They felt some connection with each other at that time. Jonathan is also an actor. He is famous for his roles in different movies and series including ABC’s Vampire. 

Julianne Nicholson and Jonathan Cake

In September 2007, the couple extend their family and give birth to a baby boy named Ignatius Cake. After two years, in 2019 the couple gave birth to a baby named Phoebe Margaret Cake. Their family is now complete. 

Julianne Nicholson and Jonathan Cake Dating History-

Both of them tries to keep their life as much personality as they can. It’s difficult to find any information about their past relationships. 


Talking about Julianne Nicholson, there is no information her any past relationships except with Jonathan Cake. The couple are together for the past 16 years and are happy with each other. It seems that Julianne doesn’t have anyone in her life except her husband. She is 50 years old now and is happy with his husband. 

Talking about Jonathan Cake, Before Julianne, he is engaged with Olivia Williams. The couple was together for 7 years. She is also an English Actress. There is no information about how they both meet and when. Also, when the couple decides to break things, the reason is unknown to the public. No other relationship with Jonathan is public.


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