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Michael K. Williams Death: Medical Examiner Says Michael Died of Drug Overdose

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Michael K. Williams

Omar Little from “The Wire” died on a Drug Overdose. US actor Michael K. Williams, a renowned actor who is known for HBO the Wire series died on September 6th. 

Michael died after overdosage of a combination of heroin, cocaine, p-fluorofentanyl, and fentanyl. Confirming this incident as accidental by New York Chief Medical Examiner. He is unconscious and non-responsive at his home in New York. 

Michael K. Williams shot to fame when he did the role as Omar Little in HBO series, The Wire. Also, his role on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire as Albert “Chalky” White from 2010-2014. 

Also, President Obama describing him as his favorite program is The Wire and his favorite character is Omar Little. This series is one of the greatest because of its cross-sectional view of crime, law, and order, politics in the US city of Baltimore.  

Outpouring his emotions to the public:

Frankly, he spoke about his past drug use. As he recounted in 2012, yet he is starring in the program “The Wire” he found himself in scary situations of doing drugs. He admits he didn’t take anything serious other than cocaine and marijuana. He is expressing it as “playing with the fire”. 


In addition to his massive role in The Wire, he is also widely praised for his role in “Boardwalk Empire” as a gang leader calling him Albert “Chalky” White. It raised him from the level and made him receive an Emmy nomination for this year’s role in “Lovecraft Country”. 

Michael K. Williams

Famous celebrities tributing:

The film director Spike Lee, The Wire creator David Simon, Stephen King honored him as a fantastic talented person, rare talented, and so on. 

More about Michael K. Williams:

Michael K. Williams was born in the year 1966, Brooklyn. He is a son of a mom from Nassau, Bahamas, and a dad from South Carolina. He was an alma mater in George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School. 

The initial days of my career went with dancing for artists including Missy Elliot, Crystal Waters, Ginuwine, Technotronic. 

He once told, he is angry and had a lot of energy and it’s a massive outlet. Although he is not the best dancer he had more passion for his job and always had good energy. 

Also, he is been working on a documentary, while working on a New Jersey charity to smoothen the journey of former jail residents.

His facial scar intensifies his role in the entertainment industry. Once, he told he got the scar because someone slashed him during his 25th birthday night. That scar gave him to advance his career from a climb of a backup dancer to a star.

In a Press story in 2020, he told about his rough time while growing up and about his drug addiction. He is been frankly speaking about his troubled part of life for these recent times in various interviews. 


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