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Who is Bhavani Devi? Bhavani Devi Records Profile Career Details

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Bhavani Devi

Bhavani Devi has been one of the most popular female athletes in India. She is also known as the rising star of our country. She had broken many records and recently she had been the first Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympics after she had qualified herself for the Tokyo Olympics 2021. This is truly a great achievement for our country.

Many of the people would be shocked if they get to know that she is just 27 years in age. She is currently living in the city of Chennai. The fencer game is where the competitors compete against each other in a ring that is six by forty in size. The points are recorded in an electronic way and a point is made by a touch/contact of the sword with the opponent.


Bhavani Devi had made many achievements in her career. But everyone knows that this is just a starting. She currently has a worldwide rank of 36 in fencers. The first achievement she made was in the Commonwealth games 2009 where she received a bronze medal. These commonwealth games were held in Malaysia.

Bhavani Devi

She had set up more targets to achieve. The next year, at the Asian Fencing championship, she again secured the third position to receive the bronze medal. She wasn’t satisfied with the same and as a result, she improved herself a lot. In the 2012 Commonwealth games, she achieved her first silver medal in the fencer games.

She had always stated that she will never stop the grind until she gets the gold. She kept working hard and worked consecutively. In the 2014 Asian Championship, she was again restricted to the silver medal. But still, she was able to maintain her sportsmanship. She kept working against the increased competition to overpower it and win the gold.

Bhavani Devi has been the first lady in the under 23 category to bag the silver medal. She was the first Indian woman to do so. Currently, in Tokyo Olympics 2021, she had been eliminated in the second round of the tournament but she played more than her best.

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