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Fetty Wap: FBI Charged The Rapper With Drug Trafficking, Is He Going to Jail?

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Fetty Wap

On Thursday, US police arrested Fetty Wap.

The officials told the cause of arrest as drug trafficking and conspiracy.   

Let’s discuss some details on Fetty Wap.  

Cause Of Fetty Wap Arrest

On Thursday, officials arrested Fetty Wap. Federal Bureau of Investigation with drug Trafficking and conspiracy alleged him of conspiracy and Drug Trafficking. The drugs include heroin and Fentanyl. Fetty was detained at New York stadium ahead of the concert. Fetty is not alone. The officials arrested five other people in a drug trafficking case.

If the allegations are true, they have to face life imprisonment.

US Attorney Brian Peace said to CNN,” As alleged, the accused sold drugs. These drugs include Fentanyl and heroin on Long Island. Long Island is the area where the drug epidemic occurred and killed many communities all around us. We will continue to work with other officials to keep our neighborhood safe from drugs and guns.”  


There are no official statements from the singer’s agency. Various media outlets are trying to contact his agency.   

About Fetty Wap  

Willie Junior Maxwell II, professionally known as Fetty Wap, was born on 7th June 1991. Fetty is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.   

Maxwell was born in New Jersey. In one of the interviews, Fetty said that he was born with glaucoma in both eyes. Furthermore, he added that doctors could not save his left eye and fitted it with an ocular prosthesis. Fetty started his music career in high school and after which he left his high school.  

Maxwell became famous after his debut single “Trap Queen.” His song became the Billboard Hot Chart 100 in May 2015. Fetty is the father of 6 children with five different women. In 2018, model Alexis Skyy named Fetty Wap as the father of her daughter.  

Fetty Wap

One of the shows presented Fetty’s strained relationship with Mesika and Alexis Skyy. In 2019, the singer married privately with Leandra K Gonzalez. After a year, Fetty Wap separated from Leandra.  


Fetty has been in the news due to various lawsuits. He was arrested before in 2017 due to drunk driving, reckless endangerment, and unlicensed operation of the motor vehicle.   

Fetty Wap is again on the news due to his arrest. The reason behind the arrest seems to be drug trafficking and conspiracy.  

He received various awards, including Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards, and tons of other awards. Fetty received multiple awards as Best New Artist, most played video and Popular Song of the Year. 


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