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Kristin Chenoweth Engaged to Boyfriend Josh Bryant After 3 Years of Dating

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Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant

Finally, Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant are engaged.

In New York, at the Rainbow Room, Kristin and Josh got engaged on October 27. Two days later, the couple announced the good news on Instagram.

Fans were interested to know more about Josh, who is her fiancé. Fans were so happy with the Broadway star.

Who is Josh Bryant?

Josh is from Arkansas, Nashville. He is 39 years old. Moreover, he is as musician. Kristin is 14 years older than Josh. Kristin is 53 years old.

Despite his celebrity fiancée, the singer is not very popular. With only 17,000 Instagram followers.

Josh is a talented guitarist. Along with his buddies, founded the country-rock band Backroad Anthem. Josh Turner and Chris Young have both used the musician as an opening act.

As per the Facebook post,  there are six members in the band. They all are really great friends with Kristin.

The six band members include:

  •  Craig Strickland, who is a lead/acoustic vocalist.
  • Toby Freeman, who gives lead/electric vocals.
  • Josh Bryant, Eric Dysart (violin), lead electric guitarist
  • Brandon Robold, who works on bass. / vocalist,
  • and Isaac Senty, the drummer.

Torn apart, Small town fame, and on my way are some examples of his famous songs.

Josh’s Instagram page suggests that he is a Christian who practices religion. “Lover of Jesus,” according to his biography.

Kristin Chenoweth and Josh Bryant Are Engaged

After three years of dating, Josh posed the question to his partner. According to people, at Fresco, Scotto celebrated the couple ‘s celebratory meal on Wednesday night.

While the Tony Award. Kristin and Josh,  both worn black outfits, and were looking fabulous. The winning actress was in a Balmaim dress. Moreover, matching Louboutins.

 On the other hand, Josh wore a black suit and looked dashing.


Following a couple of quiet days following their engagement, the pair took to Instagram to announce their engagement with some cute images.

Kristin and Josh Relationship History

In August 2018, Kristin and Josh came to connection for the very first time. In 2016, they both met at the wedding of Kristin’s niece. They met when there was a performance of Backroad Anthem.

Kristin Chenoweth

In 2018, at the wedding of Kristin’s nephew, the band was hired again to play. The very same year,  they started dating each other.

In 2020, they were quarantined together in New York City. Later, emerged stronger than ever.


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