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Ice Cube Net Worth: He Exits Sony Comedy & Loses $9M Movie Deal

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Ice Cube

Rapper and actor Ice Cube has backed out of the comedy movie “Oh Hell No” after refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Oh Hell No!

Sony was producing a comedy movie with the name, “Oh Hell No” where Ice Cube had to play the lead role. The shooting for the movie was to start in winter this year in Hawaii. According to the production rules, actors had to be vaccinated to be on the sets.

Hollywood studios and unions made it mandatory for actors to be vaccinated to shoot films without protective gear.

Jack Black was to co-star along with Ice Cube for the movie. While sony was paying Ice a handsome amount of 9 million USD. With the film’s shooting pushed further, Sony studio has started looking for another lead actor.

Ice Cube and His Net Worth-

Ice Cube is an American rapper, actor and film producer. He is a gem in the hip-hop music industry and is known to sing about political issues of his time. He has acted in as many as 40 movies, some of which include-


Thicker than water

XXX: state of the union and XXX: Return of Xander Cage

Ride along 2


The book of life and many more

He has been well received by the audience and has been nominated for and won awards for his skills. Ice cube has been named as the greatest MC of all time by the famous rapper SnoopDogg.

People are wondering about the rapper’s net worth as he stepped out of a 9 million dollar deal recently. It seems that he is not short of money and his estimated worth is around 160 million USD. He also has his clothing merchandise, Solo By Cube. In 2017 he found Big3 with former NBA stars and international players.

Ice Cube

Public’s opinion-

People on the internet have been taking the side of Cube while some have been criticizing him for not taking the vaccine. Although, during the start of covid, he did promote masks.


One Twitter user tweeted in his favour and said, “Those vaccines took many years to develop and to distribute to civilians. Yes, technology may have come a long way since but it doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

While, another criticized him for making the wrong choice and said, “Ice Cube the sad thing about this is that…Ice Cube knows some Black Hollywood type stars have died of covid before the vaccine was made. Now he is to me, acting like a fool I got 15 vaccines in the military I got both Pfizer shots and will get the booster and many more,”

Right now, neither the actor nor the studio has made an official statement regarding the matter.


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