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Fact Check: Is MrBeast dead in 2023? viral tweet claiming YouTube star passed away

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MrBeast dead

A rumour saying YouTuber MrBeast has passed away went viral on the internet and now he has responded to the same. It isn’t the first time when such rumours have popped up on the internet about him. But the recent one is surely making his fans think if that’s true. Well, MrBeast himself has a reaction to the same.

Read ahead to know more about MrBeast’s responds to rumours about his demise.

Rumours about YouTuber MrBeast go viral

The Internet is often abuzz with death news of some known personality. But many of them turn out to be fake. Like we got to know about the death rumours of popular YouTuber MrBeast recently. It was on 15th March 2023 that a post claiming the same came out.

In the post on Twitter, a black and white pic of MrBeast with a caption saying “I can’t believe MrBeast died….gone too soon man…. you’ll never be forgotten you legend” was shared. The post made the fans of the YouTuber concerned for him. Not to miss, the post was viewed thousands of times. But was it really something to be trusted?

Is MrBeast really dead in 2023?

MrBeast who is the most subscribed YouTuber is having millions of his followers across the world. Thus, when fans of MrBeast came across the post on Twitter about his demise they began worrying for him. However, to rest the rumours MrBeast himself responded to the same.

MrBeast himself reacted to the rumour by making a tweet “why does this have 100,000 likes? Lol”. The tweet certainly made his fans assured that the YouTuber was fine and alive. Not to forget, in the past too much rumours about him went viral which were eventually debunked.


How to handle fake news on the internet?

The Internet is full of information with genuine and fake news. Yet, sometimes it isn’t easy to find out which news is fake. Death hoaxes on the internet thus go viral often affecting people or even some news misleading them.

But in case you find that any information is fake and misleading in nature. Then you get the option of reporting the same on the internet. Reporting fake information on the internet can stop it from spreading further. Meanwhile, on social media platforms to you get the option of reporting any news that’s fake or wrong in nature.


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