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Simon Mee deletes messages after exposing the brutal truth about Survivor show

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Simon Mee



An Australian Survivor contestant has raised eyebrows after tweeting – then hastily deleting – a post that gave insight into the harsh reality of playing the game.

Here is everything you need to know.

Simon Mee exposes how tough life can be when filming for the Survivor series 

Simon Mee took to Twitter on Wednesday to open up about the brutal conditions of the Survivor’s Samoan beach camp. However, his message did not stay up for long.

Moreover, his tweet came in a response to a fan’s meme about his fallout with fellow contestant Gerry Geltch.

In addition, it included a brief scene from a recent episode of Survivor where Geltch is seen angrily scolding Mee. He was chastising him about the placement of the tribe’s firewood in the camp.

The user-outlined the post with a caption that read, ‘Poor Simon, can’t even get firewood duties done right.’

Mee on the other hand surprised everyone with his outburst as he wrote a series of tweets. 

The mild-mannered rescue pilot went on to explain that their feud stemmed from bigger issues rather than privileges and where the participants slept.

He began with, ‘You can always tell a lot about the pecking order of the tribe by the sleeping arrangements.’

He continued, ‘Gerry slept in the middle of the shelter with the blanket every night. But when he collected firewood, he stacked it down the end of the shelter.’

Additionally, he mentioned, ‘Which also happened to be my bed.’ 

Matt Tarrant confirms the truth about Survivor

Former player and Survivor megafan Matt Tarrant responded to Simon Mee’s tweet confirming his account of life in the camp. He also offered some advice to future participants.

Tarrant said, ‘This is legit very true. Never sleep on the edge of the bed at camp. I’d let you sleep on top of me if you wanted to, Simo.’

Mee answered by saying, ‘Thanks, Matt. I remember how excited I was when I was able to fit under the tarp for the first time after Shaun left.’


Meanwhile, the former contestants have been honest about the harsh conditions they endured to remain in the game.

This season, both Jackie Glazier and ‘King George’ Mladenov sustained injuries at the same time while trying to clear an obstacle in the first immunity challenge during the season premiere.

Furthermore, Henry Nicholson, Locky Gilbert, and Luke Toki revealed in 2017 how their tribe had to starve for three days and withstood one devastating cyclone.


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