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Marianne Williamson responds to staff abuse accusations

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Marianne Williamson

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Marianne Williamson is responding to accusations suggesting that she verbally and emotionally abused staff during her White House campaign four years ago.

Here is everything you need to know.

Marianne Williamson claps back at allegations claiming abuse toward staff

American author Marianne Williamson recently sat down with Fox News where she responded to allegations made against her in a recent article in Politico magazine.

Moreover, the 2024 Democratic presidential candidate claimed that the latest news piece came from ‘establishment political operatives.’

She said, ‘This is what they do. These are the hits that they make. Hit pieces come. Mockery from the press secretary to the president comes; from the women on The View. These are the dirty tricks that mean you’re rattling someone.’

In addition, she mentioned these types of articles are composed by people who are not happy with the topics addressed by politicians like her.


Regardless, Williamson admitted that some of the claims written in the article are true.

She revealed, ‘This is a hit piece. I think anytime that somebody criticizes you, you always have to ask yourself, is any of it true?’

She added, ‘I want to correct that within myself and within my behavior. But that’s not what’s going on here.’

Williamson stated, ‘Do I have some things to learn from any experience, including that one? Absolutely.’

She went on to say, ‘But I also think that people can see through the obvious game that’s being played here by establishment forces who don’t want me in the game.’

What did Marianne Williamson supposedly do to her former employees?

Marianne Williamson announced in February 2023 that she is all set to run for the 2024 presidential election for the second time.

Additionally, she is challenging the current US President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary.

Furthermore, Williamson delivered her announcement with words focusing on the philosophy of love and light. However, the recent Politico article says otherwise.

The outlet titled the report ‘Marianne Williamson’s ‘abusive’ treatment of 2020 campaign staff, revealed.’

Meanwhile, the report detailed the allegations made against Williamson by her 12 former campaign employees. These staff members alleged that the 70-year-old politician’s ego always overshadowed her work.

Besides that, the article accused Williamson of throwing a phone at an employee and bashing an aide for her physical appearance. 

A former employee alleged, ‘It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage. It was traumatic. And the experience, in the end, was terrifying.’


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