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Elon Musk Shakes Up Twitter: Interaction Counts Vanishing from Main Timeline

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Elon Musk has some new changes for X and netizens are yet again disappointed to know that. A tweet of Musk has created a buzz on the internet recently as it talks about a new change to the X which is making no sense to many of the netizens. But what exactly is going to change in X by Musk now?

Read ahead to know more about Elon Musk announcing a new change to X and netizens are upset over it.

Elon Musk to remove action buttons from X

Twitter changed its name to X and that’s not the only change the platform has undergone. Ever since Musk took over X, there have been plenty of changes being done to the platform that even made many protests over it. Some even left the platform in disappointment.

But the thing hasn’t changed the scenario yet. We had a new tweet from Musk to state about removing the action buttons on X now. The screenshot of the tweet then went viral all over the internet and even made netizens react to the same with disappointment.

More about removing action buttons from X

As per @xDaily, Musk had replied about the new change to X while interacting with a subscriber. Not to miss, one of the features of X allows only subscribers to view the posts of the platform. Thus, only subscribers could see Musk’s tweet about removing action buttons.

Musk tweeted “We’ll remove all the action buttons with their superfluous interaction counts from the main timeline. Just view count will show unless you tap into a post”. The tweet has gone viral and has made users react to the same.

Users’ Reaction to Musk Removing Action Buttons from X

Elon Musk’s viral tweet about removing action buttons and only showing view counts on tweets hasn’t gone well with netizens. As they have been disappointed once again with the new change being unrolled for X. Users took to social media to express their view about it too.


A user wrote, “I hate when people change things that don’t need to be changed and it don’t make anything better. smh”. While another one wrote, “Doesn’t make sense to me…why removing it?”. Users have been left confused as why the step by Musk was taken for X.


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