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Dylan Macdonald: All You Need to Know About Norm Macdonald’s Son Dylan

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Dylan Macdonald

Dylan Macdonald is the son of Norm Macdonald, who recently died because of Cancer. He was struggling with cancer for the last nine years. Norm was one of the most loved hosts of SLN and the most celebrated Comedian.

Brillstein Entertainment announced the unfortunate demise of 61 years old Comedian. Norm was a very private person who kept his life very personal. Lori Jo Hoekstra revealed that he was suffering from cancer for almost a decade. However, he kept this news away from his fans.

Who is Dylan Macdonald?

Norm had a son with his ex-wife Connie whose name is Dylan Macdonald.

Dylan was born in 1992 and thus, he is 29 years old. Just like his father, he is a person who stays away from social media. His presence is very limited on any platform of social media.

Dylan has some accounts on social media but almost all of them have been inactive for some time. His Facebook account is inactive since 2015. In his profile picture which is about 5 years old, he can be seen with his father and an old lady. The lady can be his grandmother.


In 2013, Dylan appeared on Tom Green’s show with his father. Later, everyone got to know him as Norm’s son.

Dylan Macdonald with father

What does Dylan do?

People can see Norm in Dylan. As also, Dylan is following his father in pursuing his career.

Well, Dylan is a comedian. He started a channel on YouTube with his friends. The channel is known as the 3rd Triumvirate. The channel presented different comedy stories and sketches.

Additionally, you can also see some videos on different topics like Spelling Bee, Idiot Savant, a few bloopers, and some videos of Q&A type for fans. However, the channel has been inactive for the last six years.

Fans’ tribute to Norm Macdonald

Fans found themselves disheartened and miserable when they got to know about the demise of Norm Macdonald. This, sever people took to Twitter and paid their last tribute to their favorite comedian.


One of the fans tweeted, “There’s no one I find funnier than Norm Macdonald”. Another tweeted, “RIP to Norm Macdonald.”

There was another tweet that read, “Norm Macdonald passed away 😕 that’s sad I loved his work.”

Furthermore, there’s another tweet, “I’ve fallen asleep just listening to YouTube compilations of Norm Macdonald. One of those talents that could really just turn your day around. And not only told jokes better than anyone but helped people set theirs up when they were falling off rhythm. Absolute king”.


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