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Hailee Steinfeld’ boyfriend, relationship history, and everything you need to know

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Hailee Steinfeld

When Hailee Steinfeld shot to prominence, there seems to be one burning topic on everybody’s head: Is the actress single? There have been reports that she has already been in romances with a few of Hollywood’s greatest names. But her relationship with Niall Horan has garnered the most attention.

Those who may have forgotten, they dated for a few months in 2018. And the entire world was obsessed with them. Since they were seen being very intimate at a Backstreet Boys performance in February 2018, supporters went crazy. Moreover, they were practically inseparable after that.

But, sadly, the couple chose to part ways in December 2018 — and it did not go down well. Hailee appeared to slam her ex on social networks on several occasions in the weeks leading up. He even created a couple of songs mocking her.  Yes, it was in shambles.


Hailee Steinfeld: Dating or Single?

Hailee appears to be single right now! The actress is still not related to any men since her breakup with Niall Horan. And that’s definitely because she’s focused on her professional life. She appeared in the Sony new adaptation of Charlie’s Angels. As well as in the Television program Dickinson and the film Bumblebee. She’s also released plenty of pop hits over the years. So it would be correct to c onclude she’s not interested in men right now.

Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan

All You need to know about Hailee Steinfeld Dating History

Her relationship with Cameron Smoller had really been publicized during the Bieber speculations from late 2016 to the end of 2017. Due to her regular Instagram appearances, her romance with Smoller was much more apparent. They made their mark at a Golden Globes event in 2017.

Gigi Hadid’s longtime friend employee, Cully Smoller, is claimed to be Cameron’s brother, based on his LinkedIn page.

While Cameron joined Hailee in a number of activities over the same time period. Their last shot together was taken in November of that year. In 2017, there were rumors that they had split up.
Niall Horan, a longtime former member of One Direction and currently a solo singer, wishes Hailee a happy birthday on Insta in December 2017. The two can be seen together in a photo that was shared. On a dinner date the following winter, in February of 2018, the pair was reportedly spotted. They continued to hang out, although seldom showing up at the ceremonial events. The pair split up in December of last year. Hailee has been related to no one after then.


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