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Does Lizzo Have A Girlfriend? Is She Gay? Rumors After TikTok Video

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Lizzo GAY

Lizzo is one of the singing sensations and now she is becoming trending on social media because of her latest TikTok video. This video left fans to ponder if Lizzo is gay? In the video, the singer introduced her girlfriend to the netizens.

That’s right! The hip-hop music artist has been always about her sexuality and loves to share her life updates with her fans. This made fans think about her current relationship status shared by Lizzo in a TikTok video. Read more to know more!

Lizzo’s Trending TikTok Video

Lizzo is very active on social media and this time she uploaded a video with singer Sophia Eris, on November 25 that made her trending on TikTok. Lizzo and Eris were having fun and dancing in the video on the soundtrack of California Girls by Katy Perry. The video was very fun to watch but the caption stated about the relationship status of Lizzo that made fans tattle about it. The post shared by Lizzo captioned, that she finally gets to introduce the world with her love of life. Additionally, she tagged Sophia Eris in the video with a heart emoticon. Lizzo has claimed that she is a huge fan of Chris Evan on TikTok before this video months ago.

@lizzo I FINALLY GET TO INTRODUCE YALL TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE❤️‍🔥 @sophiaeris ♬ California Gurls – Katy Perry

Is Lizzo Gay?

Lizzo, 33-year-old, is An American singer, rapper, and flutist. She has also worked as an actress in 2019 Hustler and won ‘Entertainer of the year’ in 2019 by Time. Lizzo is a Grammy winner three times, a Billboard Music Award, and many others. Last year, Lizzo was the first artist to get nominated in R&B/Pop and hip-hop artist categories. During an interview in June 2018, she personally does not belong to one sexuality, that is she is heterosexual. She explains that is the reason why the colors of LGBTQ+ are a rainbow. She states that there is a spectrum but we try to keep it black and white only and that is not working for her. She calls her fans Lizzbians and most of them belong to LGBTQ+.

Lizzo GAY Tiktok

Throughout her life, she has been a target of body shaming, but now people look at her and she is full of self-confidence and body positivity. She gives big credit to social media for changing the perspective and visibility of overweight women out there.

Meet Sophia Eris

Lizzo introduced her partner, Sophia Eris, who is an artist and works in collaboration with Lizzo. Eris works as Lizzo’s DJ and is active on social media with 36 thousand followers. While netizens are judging and thinking that the two have any romantic relationship, it seems that both are just good friends and are special to each other. Sophia also shares her pictures with Lizzo on her account on Instagram often. The two have spent Thanksgiving this year together. Lizzo posted the video on TikTok after months with Sophia.


♬ original sound – sophiaeris

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