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‘Today is Thanksgiving and I’m really thankful’: Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother

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Ahmaud Arbery

Last year in February Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, a 25-year-old black man was shot dead while he was jogging. The video of Arbery’s shooting caused widespread outrage. His father, Marcus Arbery Sr. said that his son didn’t do anything but “Run and dream’. The incident is yet another example so racial injustice in America and its inability to eradicate the issue from its root. 

It has been more than a year and Ahmaud’s soul has finally received peace as the three men who were involved in the shooting were convicted on Wednesday. 

Arbery’s Mother Delivers A Heartfelt Message On Thanksgiving Day-

“Today is Thanksgiving and I’m very very thankful for the verdict”, said Wanda Cooper-Jones as justice was given to her late son. 

The mother broke down in the courtroom as the jury passed a final verdict.

“I finally got a chance to come out of those courtroom doors and say, we did it, we did it together,” said Cooper-Jones. She also thanked the people who supported their son and visited the Glynn County courthouse every day shouting “Justice For Ahmaud”. 

Ahmaud Arbery

Wanda also said that she hopes when people hear her son’s name many years from now, they will remember that he brought change. 

Aubrey’s father, Marcus was happy that finally, the three men were paying the price of their actions. He said that he was filled with joy when the jury found them guilty. 

Thea Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery’s aunt also said that on this thanksgiving day she is thankful for Ahmaud and the love he showed them. She also said that she is, “Thankful for the fight we stayed in for justice. Thankful that now we can start healing,”

Ahmaud Was Jogging When The Three Men Confronted Him-

Ahmaud Arbery was jogging on the morning of February 23, 2020, when three white men started chasing him. The three men, Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan accused Ahmaud of burglary. Travis confronted Arbery and shot him. However, the officials found no evidence of theft and stated that Arbery did nothing wrong. 

Ahmaud Arbery

However, the McMichaels were not taken into police custody until a video went viral on the internet. It was visible in the video that Ahmaud and Travis were having an argument when gunshots were heard. The incident gained nationwide criticism claiming that Ahmaud was a victim of hate crime. Travis and Bryan also called Arbery a racial slur as he lay dead on the ground. 

Arbery’s autopsy revealed that he died of the wounds caused by three gunshots fired at him. 

After months of trials, an all-white jury convicted the three accused on Wednesday. They will now have to face life imprisonment and will be eligible for parole after serving at least 30 years.


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