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Freekey Zekey Net Worth | How Did He Become Famous?

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Freekey Zekey

Freekey Zekey is an American rapper and also a music executive. His real name is Ezekiel Jiles but he is known by his stage name Freekey Zekey. He was born in America on 13 October 1975. And now he is 45 years old.

He started his hip-hop group with his friends and cousin and joined the rap industry in 1997. Freekey Zekey is very famous and many people are fascinated by his talent. There were many hurdles in his life and one of them was when he was sent to prison.

Freekey Zekey Net Worth

Freekey Zeekey started his career in 1997 with his group and he went through more pressure when he was imprisoned in 2004 but he didn’t lose hope. He worked very hard in building his skills and career in the field of music and became famous for his skill of singing and rapping. 


All the struggle he has done is worth it. He is now counted as the top richest rapper. He has also won the title of The richest rapper who was born in October. And according to the reports the net worth of Freekey Zekey is around $1 million to $5 million.

How Did Freekey Zeekey Become Famous?

The group which Freekey Zeekey has created with his friends and cousins was named The Diplomats. Nearly all the Performances and videos of Diplomats were written and performed by Freekey for almost 7 years.


In February 2004 he was sent to lockup for 35-42 months, but even after being in prison, Freekey didn’t lose his hope and started working on his raps and new music. And at that time he boosted his rapping skills. 

After he was discharged from prison his debut album was released Book of Ezekiel on 24 July 2007 which peaked #23 on Billboard Top R/B. And after that, he concluded to create his label and also joined the new group Byrdgang.


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