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DDG’ Viral Home Invasion Prank: Real or Just a Clever Skit?

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DDG Skit

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A video of a home invasion of rapper DDG had gone viral sometime back on the internet but that was just a skit according to the rapper’s latest revelation. This has made netizens slam the rapper too for clout chasing. But it looks like DDG isn’t in the mood to apologize for his prank on his fans. They got worried for him when his home invasion video went viral.

Read ahead to know more about rapper DDG’s shocking revelation saying his home invasion video was just a prank.

The viral home invasion video of rapper DDG

Rapper DDG’s video went viral all over the internet. Some masked men were seen breaking into his house and attacking an asleep rapper. The video was recorded in the surveillance camera. However, after slapping the rapper the unidentified masked men ran away.

The rapper though wakes looking confused and grabs h is weapon and turns off the light. The video posted certainly made his fans worry about him as he looked like a victim in it. But it seems the reality behind the video is something different.


DDG admits the house invasion video of him was a skit

It was a few days later that rapper DDG returned to social media to talk about the same viral house invasion video of him. On X (formerly Twitter) he wrote “y’all really think a n#### ran in my crib & slapped me & dipped or y’all trolling ?”.

In the next tweet, he added further “I run the internet…. y’all gon read about me forever…get used to it”. The tweets of the rapper have surely made his fans slam him on social media and accuse him of clout chasing. Netizens took to criticize the rapper badly for his prank video of a house invasion.

Netizens slam rapper DDG for his prank house invasion video

Though the house Invasion video of rapper DDG must have been merely a prank to get views. Netizens have not liked the thing at all. He was badly criticized on social media for the same and was accused of clout chasing.

Meanwhile, rapper DDG has been trying to make money doing what he has been accused of by the netizens. He had said “clout=money”. He added more to it saying “y’all n##### just don’t know how to convert it”. Whether or not netizens will support him afterward would be interesting to see.


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