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Demystifying the TikTok ‘Boo Basket’: A Spooky Season Dating Craze

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Boo Basket

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With the calendar still being stuck at September, it seems like TikTok users are planning for October and the coming months with the Boo Basket trend. Well, both “Fall Dating” and “Halloween” are just to begin and we have preparation already up to celebrate it. But with the Boo Basket trend, you can celebrate both fall dating and Halloween altogether this time.

Read ahead to know more about the latest Boo Basket trend that goes viral on TikTok before Halloween and fall dating season.

Boo Basket trend goes viral on TikTok

You can’t have TikTok without any trends for some special occasions coming up. Be it Valentine’s Day or Christmas, TikTok has trends for all the occasions to go viral on the platform. As it happened this time too ahead of the fall dating seasons and Halloween.

@rileyrudnick #pov its sweaterweather and you’re married to a white woman in fall. #fall #boobasket #part2 ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

TikTok has been making all crazy after a trend called the Boo Basket trend and it can be tried to celebrate both the Halloween and the fall dating time. The hashtag of the trend has gone viral to the extent of making it viewed more than 50 million times.

What exactly is the viral Boo Basket trend of TikTok?

Well, you must be well aware of Halloween time and how it’s celebrated with a spooky theme. Some of you may not be aware of the fall dating season. Fall dating or cuffing season is the time from October till March when singles are in search of their partner to spend the cold months with.

The Boo Basket hence comes up with a gift to give to one’s romantic partner along with a touch of Halloween to it. It’s a way to boo the love of one’s along with wooing them. All you need is to make this viral Boo Basket for them. If you don’t know how to make it. Here’s the help.

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How to make the viral Boo Basket of TikTok?

If you are thinking to woo and boo your partner this Halloween then get ready to make boo basket for them. All you have to get at first is a bucket or a bag for it. You’ll put the goodies in them for your partner.

You can then choose any of the themes be it Halloween or fall dating season for it. After that just fill the bucket or bag with common items like fluffy blankets, scented candles, cup holders, tumblers, plushies, and more items.

You can add personalized notes with special messages for your partner too. You are then ready to give your boo basket to your loved one this fall dating and Halloween to boo them.


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