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Instagram Influencer Morgan Britt Osman’s Airplane Meltdown: ‘I’m Instagram Famous’ Plea Goes Viral

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Morgan Britt Osman

Screenshot via @tmz TikTok video


A video of a woman arguing in the plane with another passenger went viral as she was heard saying “I’m Instagram Famous” and now we know she is Morgan Britt Osman. The video gave the woman a lot of popularity on the internet. While many don’t know much about her we are here to tell you all about it.

Read ahead to know more about Morgan Britt Osman the plane girl whose video went viral saying “I’m Instagram Famous”.

Video of the viral plane lady saying “I’m Instagram Famous”

You may have come across plenty of videos of plane passengers for their odd behavior on the flight with other passengers. Recently too we got one such video going viral. In the video, a woman can be seen arguing with some other passenger and saying the line “I’m Instagram Famous”.

The video has gained a lot of attention on the internet. In fact, many went on to slam the woman in the video as well. Meanwhile, many are curious to know if the woman saying “I’m Instagram Famous” is actually popular or not. So, here we are to tell all about the viral plane girl.

Who is the viral plane girl saying “I’m Instagram Famous”?

The viral plane girl, Morgan Britt Osman has faced backlash on social media for arguing in the plane with another passenger. Many wanted to know if she was indeed famous as she said or not. So, the woman going viral as the plane girl has appeared in the episodes of season 5 of Bad Girls Club.

On Instagram, she has about more than 980k followers. Her content on the platform shows her style-oriented looks. Also, her Instagram bio says that Morgan is a designer from Miami and Los Angeles. It also tells more about what brands or company she is associated with.


More about the viral plane girl saying “I’m Instagram Famous”

Morgan Britt Osman was born on 24 July 1988 in Miami, Florida. She is a designer for the brand L’Animal Co along with a partner at a Medical Spa, AFL Beauty Bar. Her Facebook page gives a deeper insight into her career. She has also worked as a server/waiter for the popular restaurant chain Hooters.

Apart from appearing in the Bad Girls Club. She has been active as a model too. Moreover, her social media content is related to beauty and fashion and even features some of her friends. Lately, she is going viral mostly as the viral plane girl.


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