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Charlotte Hornets Team Up with MrBeast for 2023/24 NBA Season Jersey Patch

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There’s another partnership of YouTuber MrBeast in the spotlight and that’s with the NBA team this time. With the growing popularity of YouTubers, collaborations with big brands and teams aren’t something unexpected to happen. After the Samsung partnership, it’s now the NBA’s turn. So, which NBA team gets its partnership with MrBeast?

Read ahead to know more about MrBeast’s new partnership with the NBA team.

MrBeast’s partnership with NBA team

MrBeast is on the top list of YouTubers with his almost video going viral on the internet with millions of views. Well, owing to the popularity of the YouTuber, there have been big brands and teams willing to partner with MrBeast.

As recently even Samsung struck a deal with MrBeast. Now we have to come to know that an NBA team is partnering with MrBeast for the 2023/24 season. No doubt, be it any field, MrBeast is everywhere to be found now with his collabs. But which NBA team got to partner with MrBeast this time?


Which NBA team got to partner with MrBeast?

For all those who are excited to know which NBA team got to partner with MrBeast. Then it’s the Charlotte Hornets who got the chance. It’s a jersey-patch partnership between Charlotte Hornets and MrBeast this time.

It was ESPN on 2nd September reported “The Charlotte Hornets are launching a jersey-patch partnership with YouTube and social media sensation MrBeast, a novel entrée between an influencer and an NBA franchise”. With this partnership, everyone would get to see MrBeast’s chocolate brand “Feastables” logo on the jersey of Charlotte Hornets.

More about the partnership of Charlotte Hornets and MrBeast

Along with the uniform of the Charlotte Hornets, even media backdrops for news conferences will have the logo of MrBeast’s Feastables. Whether during the official games, players will wear the jersey having the Feastables logo or not isn’t announced yet.


Not to miss the season of Charlotte Hornets with Miami Heat is to begin on 10th October. Many fans are even excited to know if they can purchase the Feastables logo-bearing jersey of the Charlotte Hornets or not. You can check to know about it on the NBA store website. In case, it becomes available to be purchased by all.


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