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Mary J. Blige Claims She Could Win Verzuz with One Album, But Refuses to Participate

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Mary J. Blige

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Singer and rapper Mary J. Blige still doesn’t want to be a part of the Verzuz battle yet believes she can win it with a single album. The rapper has been good friends with the co-founder of Verzuz, Swizz Beatz. Though upon the question of joining the show herself, Blige says she doesn’t want to do that. Here’s what she said more about the Verzuz battle.

Read ahead to know more about Mary J. Blige still refuses to be a part of the Verzuz battle yet believes she could win it with a single album of hers.

All about the Verzuz battle and its popularity

For all those unversed in Verzuz battle, it’s an American show that’s a creation of Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, the record producers. In the show, music artists battle their musical work against each other to win it.

While the show has gone popular all over. It looks like Mary J. Blige isn’t very fond of the Verzuz battle. As she has been asked to join the show a few times and she shown no sign of being in the show. In fact, she recently opened up about the chance to get into the Verzuz battle.

Mary J. Blige doesn’t want to be a part of Verzuz battle

Mary J. Blige doesn’t want to be on Verzuz for a battle despite having an impressive music catalog. She recently went on to share the reason for it. She said, “Let me Just say this. I love Swizz. That’s my friend, that’s my brother. That’s my people. I just don’t care about no Verzuz. I don’t wanna be up there. And it’s no disrespect”.

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She added, “I just don’t care. Like, I don’t need to say I had the hottest- I know I had some of the hottest records. I know i got a crazy catalog”. Yet, she talked about what she would have taken part in the Verzuz battle.


More about Mary J. Blige not willing to be on Verzuz

Talking about the talented ones on the show Verzuz. Blige said, “I mean there’s so many that have great music out there. There’s so many women that have just catalogs, you know. So, i don’t like putting everybody up against each other. I don’t like it”.

But Blige believes that she would have won with a single album of hers if she was in Verzuz. As she said “I could just put my s### on and just walk away. I could put the “What’s the 411″ album on and just walk away”. But for now she isn’t in a mood to be a part of the battle.


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