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Blueface Faces Hard Time: Sentenced to 24-60 Months for Strip Club Shooting

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Blueface will serve up to three years on probation following pleading guilty to charges relating to a gunshot outside a Las Vegas strip club in October 2022. The rapper, whose actual name is Johnathan Porter, was arrested in November on suspicion of attempted murder with a deadly weapon as well as shooting a pistol at/into an occupied structure. The attempted murder allegation was subsequently withdrawn as part of the plea agreement, with Porter pleading guilty in July to violence and discharging a handgun. According to KTNV in Las Vegas, Blueface’s probation restrictions prohibit him from using alcohol or drugs, having weapons, or contacting the victim.

He’ll also have to avoid the Las Vegas Strip and the city’s downtown region unless he’s on business. Last October, Blueface had been accused of shooting at a man called Kentavious Traylor. Traylor reportedly recognised Porter as he was exiting the club, “remarked on Blueface talking with some females in a cheap vehicle,” and “made an audible joke.” Traylor alleged that guys he thought were part of Blueface’s entourage struck him and then began shooting at him as he tried to flee in his truck. Blueface was sentenced to probation just a few months after being charged with felony robbery. The charges come from an incident in which a fan allegedly used a mobile to video Blueface’s companion Chrisean Rock. The case is currently set for a hearing on October 4.


Blueface Is Sentenced To Three Years On Probation Following Pleading Guilty In A Shooting Case

Blueface, a rapper from Los Angeles, will not go to jail for shooting a man in Las Vegas unless he breaches his probation. Judge Kathleen E. Delaney sentenced the 26-year-old hip-hop star to three years probation in a Clark County courthouse. The rapper, whose real name is Johnathan Porter, was sentenced on Monday, nearly a year after he became involved in an Oct. 8, 2022, shooting. “If you’re [caught] once more on any probation violation, particularly anything regarding a weapon, I would not be reluctant to put you behind bars or prison for an extensive period of time,” Delaney said. Porter appears to have been involved in a shooting last year in the 6000 block of Windy Road, just west of Harry Reid International Airport, according to authorities. A bullet graze wound to the left hand was purportedly sustained by a man identified as Kentavious Traylor. Porter was arrested in November for the shooting & pleaded guilty in July. Porter was ordered to remain away from the Las Vegas Strip & downtown area under the terms of his probation except if he has a work application or a “legitimate basis to be there.”


He is also not allowed to contact Traylor or use or possess drugs or alcohol. If the rapper breaks his probation, he faces at least two years and up to five years in prison. Traylor chastised Delaney and her lawyers during Monday’s sentencing. “I had absolutely no trust in the justice system,” he said. Traylor accused the Clark County judge of giving the rapper a low punishment because of his celebrity in his closing remarks. “I know individuals who have been given more time for stealing bubblegum,” Traylor went on to say. Traylor held out his phone and appeared to take a photo before exiting the stand. Blueface’s solicitors, Kristina Wildeveld & Lisa Rasmussen told The Times on Monday that it was a “strange moment.” “That was a first for us in our many years of litigation advocacy,” according to the statement. Blueface, best known for his songs “Thotiana” and “Outside,” intends to “return to concentrating on his music career while continuing forward with his life,” according to his legal representatives.


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