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Birdman Duped: Loses $5.4 Million in Oil Scam

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Birdman and his brother Slim were allegedly the victims of a vicious swindle. It took the FBI ten years to uncover the offender, and they interrogated both executives as part of their investigation. Mark Roy Anderson, according to Kevin Edmundson, a lawyer for the Securities and Exchange Commission at the time. Anderson is accused of stealing $1 million from a Dallas real estate broker along with other investors, according to the Daily Beast. As a result, Anderson was served with a civil complaint, which he successfully avoided. Anderson was convicted and sentenced to $130,000 after a criminal investigation was begun. Between March 2006 and November 2010, the Cash Money executive was involved in an oil fraud. A total of 20 persons were affected. Birdman was interviewed by the FBI in 2011, and he was listed in papers as “B.W.”

According to the interview, Birdman and Slim founded an oil and gas exploration firm called BRONALD Oil and Gas with Anderson. Birdman transferred him $5.4 million during April and September 2008 after meeting with Anderson. He also met with Anderson in Skiatook, Oklahoma, to check on the status of his investment, “specifically to see the oil leases” he was supposed to be purchasing. He took advantage of them and other investors. Anderson duped the Cash Money management and fled the oil industry. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the scheme. Anderson, on the other hand, reverted to his old habits in 2020. He was recently arrested for orchestrating a three-year hemp farm fraud that took more than $9 million from naïve investors.


Rapper Birdman Scams $5.4 Million From Oil Company

Birdman is a powerful presence in Southern hip-hop, but even the business billionaire makes mistakes from time to time. However, it’s difficult to call this a blunder because it was a straight-up swindle when he entered the oil sector. Furthermore, he and his brother Slim formed BRONALD Oil and Gas, an oil and gas exploration company, but their extracurricular activity brought them into some difficulty. Between March 2006 and November 2010, a person named Mark Roy Anderson defrauded the duo for $5.4 million, affecting around 20 people. The FBI pursued him for ten years, interviewing Baby and Slim along the way, and eventually apprehended him, resulting in an eleven-year prison sentence. According to the Daily Beast, Anderson allegedly stole a million dollars from a Dallas real estate broker, as well as some other investors. After authorities issued a civil complaint against him, he was charged with a crime, convicted, and fined $130,000.


However, it is unclear how Birdman fits into this story. What we do know is that the two met between April and September of 2008, during which time Baby wired him $5.4 million. Furthermore, the Cash Money CEO travelled to Oklahoma to “specifically see the oil leases” and confirm his investments. Anderson then left the oil industry after playing Birdman and other people who had put up the money. In their efforts to find Anderson, the FBI interviewed the New Orleans native in 2011. Unfortunately, the scammer does not appear to have learned his lesson, as he was caught again in 2020. This time, it was for a three-year hemp farm scam that cost investors $9 million. Meanwhile, the 54-year-old has spent a significant amount of time this year campaigning for CEOs to be included in hip-hop’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Still, he might not be going about it in the greatest way. After all, comparing P and Diddy of Quality Control while putting one down looks more competitive than joyous. Regardless, keep coming back with HNHH for the most recent Birdman news and updates.


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