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Logan Paul’s WWE Money in the Bank Match Leaves Him Battling Severe Injuries

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The recent match for WWE Money In The Bank has left Logan Paul with injuries as he shared pics showing the same on social media. Fans of Logan have come across the pic of him and have been worried to know if he sustained serious injuries in the recent match. But is Logan Paul really seriously injured? Here’s what we know.

Read ahead to know more about Logan Paul shares pic of his injuries after the WWE Money In The Bank match.

Logan Paul and his WWE Money In The Bank match

Both Jake Paul and Logan Paul have been two of the rising boxing flames of the world. While the duo are often seen competing in the ring with some strong opponents. Logan Paul’s recent match seems to have left him with injuries and his fans are worried.

Yes, recently Logan Paul was having his match for WWE Money In The Bank. In the match, others who took part were Butch, Damien Priest, Ricochet, La Knight, and Santos Escobar. Although, with Ricochet a move of Logan left him with some injuries.

Logan Paul suffers injuries during WWE Money In The Bank match

Logan Paul recently shared his pic after the WWE Money In The Bank match. As he sustained an injury post the match. It was during the Spanish fly of Logan Paul and Ricochet that both landed on pair of tables outside the ring.

The stunt of both landed them on their head first on the floor. While Logan has got some injuries too in that match. He even shared pics of it on social media where one could see his shoulder, back, and arm with injuries. But is he fine post his injuries?

Is Logan Paul fine after the injuries?

Though the pic shared on Twitter of Logan Paul showed his shoulder bleeding. The caption of the post of Logan read “I like this sport”. Fans of the boxing star have been worried for him to know if his injuries were serious.

It seems like despite the injuries sustained by Logan Paul in his recent WWE Money In The Bank match. He enjoyed the match. Not to miss, whether or not Logan Paul would be taking up his next match to fight or not isn’t known yet. As he still has injuries to recover from.


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