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Beyoncé Sparks Twitch Speculation After Super Bowl Commercial Tease: Is She Streaming Next?

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A Super Bowl commercial featuring Beyoncé streaming on Twitch has left everyone curious to know if she’s indeed on the streaming platform or not. With Super Bowl LVIII already concluded and its winner announced, some highlights of the event are still circulating on the internet. Now, everyone wants to know if Beyoncé is on Twitch or not. Here’s what we know.

Read ahead to learn more about the Super Bowl LVIII commercial featuring Beyoncé streaming on Twitch, leaving fans curious.

Super Bowl LVIII commercial about Beyoncé streaming on Twitch goes viral

The much-awaited event, Super Bowl LVIII, has finally concluded, and the Kansas City Chiefs emerged as the winners. However, it’s not the event itself or its match highlights that are creating a buzz on social media. Instead, it’s a commercial from the Super Bowl event that’s piquing everyone’s curiosity.

A Super Bowl LVIII commercial featuring Beyoncé streaming on Twitch has recently caught everyone’s attention. Following this, Beyoncé fans have been wondering whether the Renaissance singer is actually on Twitch or not.


More about Beyoncé’s Twitch streaming commercial

In the now-viral Super Bowl LVIII commercial featuring Beyoncé, the Renaissance singer can be seen live-streaming on Twitch under the name “IamSlayonce.” This has excited her fans about the possibility of her presence on the streaming platform, as many celebrities are known for being on it.

The Verizon commercial featuring Beyoncé and her streaming on Twitch prompted many to search for the name “IamSlayonce” on the streaming platform, which certainly does exist on Twitch. In fact, many of her fans have already started to follow her on Twitch.

Is Beyoncé streaming on Twitch?

With the Verizon commercial leaving Beyoncé fans excited to see the Renaissance singer streaming on Twitch, the name under which Beyoncé streamed on the platform in the viral Super Bowl commercial also exists. However, it is yet to be known whether she herself would be streaming there or not.

Not to be overlooked, Twitchtracker noted that the “IamSlayonce” account was created on Twitch on February 9th of this year, which is two days before the commercial featuring it was released. With more information yet to be revealed, there’s speculation that the account might be used to promote Beyoncé’s country album.


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