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Logan Paul Opens Up About Overcoming His “Weed Problem” and Quitting Smoking

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Logan Paul



Logan Paul, the renowned internet personality and WWE wrestler, recently disclosed his past struggles with a “weed problem” and his decision to quit smoking. Here’s a glimpse into his journey:

As one-half of the dynamic duo with his brother Jake, Logan Paul skyrocketed to fame on YouTube with their entertaining and often controversial content. Over the years, Logan transitioned to the WWE, where he currently holds the title of United States Champion.

Logan Paul Overcomes Weed Problem: Shared on IMPAULSIVE Podcast

During a recent episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan candidly discussed his complex relationship with marijuana with guest Rick Ross. Admitting to a “weed problem,” Logan revealed that he’s currently abstaining from smoking.

Reflecting on his past, Logan acknowledged the challenges he faced due to excessive marijuana use. He emphasized the importance of monitoring his relationship with the substance, recognizing that everyone’s experience with it varies.


Logan delved into how marijuana affected his productivity and creativity. While he initially experienced spikes in creativity, he found that excessive use led to a decline in productivity, particularly when he began smoking during the day instead of just at night.

One of the reasons Logan Paul enjoyed smoking marijuana was its ability to quiet his racing thoughts and provide relaxation, especially at night. He described using weed as a means to “turn off” his brain and achieve a state of tranquility.

Despite its temporary benefits, Logan realized that relying too heavily on marijuana could lead to complacency. He admitted to becoming overly comfortable with the relaxed state it induced, recognizing the need to maintain a balance in his usage.


Logan Paul: A Journey to Self-Improvement

Logan’s decision to quit smoking signifies a commitment to his personal growth and well-being. By addressing his “weed problem” and taking steps to minimize its impact on his life, he demonstrates resilience and a willingness to confront challenges head-on.

In conclusion, Logan Paul’s openness about his struggles with marijuana sheds light on the complexities of addiction and the importance of self-awareness in overcoming obstacles. His journey serves as a reminder of the power of introspection and the potential for positive change.


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