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AJ Johnson dies at the age of 55, American Star’s Net Worth and Professional life!

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AJ Johnson

Anthony “AJ” Johnson (55), the comedian, actor who is known for his role “Ezal” in “Friday”, died on September 6th, 2021).

According to his Representative, LyNea Bell, Johnson passed away but the reason for the death is not yet revealed. Now, the fans are eager to know about Johnson’s Net worth

AJ Johnson fans are Mourning on Social media:

AJ Johnson, an ideal actor, comedian, famous for his part in Friday as Ezal, House Parties, Player’s Clubs, Menance II Society died on Monday (6th September 2021). He was born in 1965.

Fans are over-pouring the mourning for their bellowed actor, comedian’s death. They are rushing to the Twitter account to honor tribute; the person for whom they became admirers to his work.

AJ Johnson’s Net Worth:

Initially, he is been in acting since his early 20s. He landed as a comedian as E.Z.E for a comedy movie, House Party. Many fans recognize him from his early twenties. He also worked in TV and films from the year 1990 till 2000. Hence, his estimated net worth is $100,000 on the day of his demise.

AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson: Notable Works and Early Life

Johnson is famous for his marvelous acting and comedy skills. He’s starring in “Friday” became his master role. Johnson’s other engaging roles in films as actor\comedian in “Lethal Weapon 3”, “Menace II Society, The Players Club, I Got The Hook-Up, BAP*S, and many more.

In 1992, he also starts to act in rap videos (in music videos) such as “Dre Day”.
When he got the chance to act with Kid and Play and Martin Lawrence at a house party, he started to act in movies and TV shows too!
AJ’s Initial appearance in movies in 1995 “Friday” changed him into an ideal star. In the comedy starrer, played a scammer called “Ezal”. This made him stand alongside admiring stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

AJ Johnson

Subsequently, with acting in movies, he had an intense passion for Stand-Up comedy. Hence, he began to perform in Los Angeles bars.

AJ Johnson’s family:
AJ always kept his personal life in private. He married Lexis Jones Mason, CEO of A&L Ent. Johnson has two siblings, Edward Smith & Sheila.
In 2009, there is a report that he suffered from a heart attack in New York City while he was on his way to perform a comedy show. Regardless, it gets clarified later that it is a Panic Attack.
Unfortunately, on 6th September 2021, he was found to be lifeless in a store; rushed to a Los Angeles Hospital. But, his death news on Se ember 20th, by his rep LyNea Bell.


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