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Gacha Talks Passes Away: Fans Pay Tribute To The Youtuber

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The sudden demise of Gacha Talks aka Richard Swigert has left his fans in a state of shock. Fans got to know this after Richard’s friend organised a GoFundMe Campaign.

What happened to Gacha Talks?

Richard was tested positive for COVID-19, because of this he got himself admitted to the hospital in September 2021. The details came out due to the GoFundMe Campaign that he has several complications due to the virus and thus, passed away this Monday.

Charles Naranjo is the friend of Richerd and the GoFundMe campaign organiser. He said, “The Lord has tasked me to give the most difficult news I’ve had to share in my life. My Best Friend passed away this afternoon.”

Gacha Talks

Richard “became extremely ill and was struggling to breathe” because of which he had to be admitted to the hospital. According to the description of his campaign, Richard’s lungs were also “damaged”. He had a blood infection and what worsened the situation was that he got Pneumonia in both the lungs.


Richard’s Condition

The description of GoFundMe explained that due to his serious condition, he had been on a Ventilator and placed in an ICU. Moreover, Charles also said that doctors tried to “lower the oxygen from the machine to see how well his lungs are performing on their own.”

After the unfortunate demise of Gacha Talks, many people came forward to give donations. According to the fundraiser, an amount of $16,000 has been collected.

Fans Pay Tribute

After listening to this news, fans of late Youtuber took to Twitter to pay tribute. Richerd created his channel in 2020 and in a very short time, became highly popular. He used to make videos on Dokkan battle and other Gacha games.

One disheartened fan wrote, “I love and I’ll miss you very dearly @Gacha_talks. You made my days and nights so joyful. We lost you way too soon.”

Another fan tweeted, “Rest In Peace to @Gacha_talks and I send my condolences to the family of his as a member of the Gacha community to see someone who spread joy and fun within Gacha games instead of hate to see someone die-off of covid after being announced that he is doing better is sad rest easy”.


Richard has definitely gone too sone. Everyone loved his work and keenly followed him. His fan used to wait for long to watch his videos. He had a shining career waiting for him. We have lost a very talented person. In the GoFundMe description, we got to know that his nurse said that he won’t have COVID anymore but we don’t know at the time of his death, he tested negative for COVID or not!


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